MilkSense: The World’s First Breastfeeding Monitor #MilkSense


  1. It’s sad to see the numbers drop so much, but I’m glad there are products out there. Mentors are available to, but it still isn’t talked about openly that much. I’m glad you are willing to discuss and share your experiences. First, second, third….whichever child Moms worry. I had no idea breastfeeding could get so technical but can see where it could help. Good luck to all the breastfeeding moms.

  2. Breastfeeding is one of those things that moms feel like they should just know how to do, but it is a hard skill for mom and baby to master. Even with my 3rd child I still had trouble getting started. But breast milk is a great gift to give your baby even for a short time

  3. This is really neat and would be great for my daughter who is expecting in July

  4. My daughter in-law is expecting, I am going to inform her about the MilkSense.

  5. What a fantastic device! My experience was just the same as yours when I had my first baby. This would have changed our experience totally!

  6. Wish we had this 30 years ago,its aperfect

  7. How I wish there was a monitor of this sort when I brought my firstborn home. It would have changed everything!

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