MilkSense: The World’s First Breastfeeding Monitor #MilkSense


  1. Wow!! I wish they had this when I was trying to breast feed my twins. I tried for about a week and just felt like such a failure that I gave up.

  2. I breast fed my kids over 30 years ago, I wish that something like this was available then.

  3. That is a really great product. I was not able to breastfeed my kids cause I didn’t produce enough milk but if I had this I would try again for sure. It would be so helpful for peace of mind like you said.

  4. Wish I had this when my son was little

  5. What a great invention! Too bad it wasn’t around 40 years ago when I could have used it.

  6. wow! Timely! I just found out my boy is tongue tied too! Trying to use the nipple shield but in my case I find it makes it more difficult to get a good latch :(. Do you know if the small surgery to correct the tied tongue is effective? I get nervous thinking about it!

  7. When my first baby was born, they offered a class or something at the hospital, maybe on a weekly basis? where you could come in and they’d somehow track how much the baby was getting at a feeding. I really wanted to do it, but just couldn’t bring myself to drive back to the hospital in such a sleep deprived state to do so. This sounds so much more convenient!

  8. I think breastfeeding is so good for baby and mother! I am sorry that you had difficulty, but at least you breastfed for 6 weeks. This Milksense monitor is going to be so helpful for a lot of women. It will let them know if baby is getting enough milk! I think this monitor will give Mothers peace of mind.

  9. This is really need and would be great for my daughter in law who is expecting our 4th granddaughter in April.

  10. I really wish I had MilkSense when I had my son. I struggled with breastfeeding and this would have made all the difference. Maybe for the next one (IF there is one 😉 ).

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