The Long Hello by Cathie Borrie


  1. Sounds like something I should read

  2. This book sounds like a touching story

  3. you have given me the want to read this book by your review. thanks for this.

  4. sounds like something i would read

  5. I have heard of this book but was scared to read it as there have been a LOT of people in my family with it, I have more memories of this nasty-assed disease than I care to think about and was afraid to read a book based on it as it would only make me sad and depressed. I’m glad to hear that it was more of a celebration of life than a book about the bad part of the disease. I’m not sure I could handle that. Maybe I’ll give it another look.


  6. My mom would enjoy this book

  7. I would love to read this

  8. I truly enjoy a book based on a true-story

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