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  1. Please DO NOT order from Farmbox Direct. I have asked them to cancel my account twice, and they have continue to charge me $50 a week. Please go to YELP to read all of the negative reviews for this company. Save yourself the hassle!!!

  2. Please DO NOT ORDER from Farmbox Direct. I am out over $150 dollars in just 3 weeks, because they continue to charge me even after I cancelled my account. The terms of service are deceiving as well.  Please go to YELP to read all the other reviews for this company. Spare yourself the hassle of using such a horrible company. 

  3. Pleade DO NOT use this horrible deceitful company.  They robbed me of my money.  They continue to take money from your account, even after you cancel their services.  Fifty dollars a week is stolen from you acccount.  To top it off, the vegetable were rotten.  They refuse to reimburse me.  Please refer to Yelp and all the poor the reviews this disgusting dishonest company has received.  I want to save others from being robbed like I was. DONT USE FARM BOX DIRECT EVER!!  Tell your friends too!!!

  4. I am reviewing Farmbox Direct on their price, quality, website and lack of customer service and they want me to travel back in time to cancel an order.
    1) Price is way too high. After receiving the only box I ordered, I did online shopping at Kroger. With the first time only $20 discount, Kroger was still lower AND with Kroger I can pick what ever I want. Not just settle for what Farmbox Direct has available. In case you are not familiar with Kroger, it is not an inexpensive store. Since this produce is supposedly coming from a farm, you would think their price would be competitive. There is no middleman! Nope!
    2) The quality was fine, but no better than Kroger. You would expect better coming from a farm. There were several items were damaged in packing and shipping. The lettuce is wilted. It was definitely not worth paying more than $20 extra.
    3) The website has very little functionality and even less, if you don’t have an account. I canceled my account, so I have no way to see history. I probably couldn’t because the website probably doesn’t have that functionality anyway. I was setup for every two weeks and in the same week I received my box, I got an email about the next weeks shipment. Not my week! I just received a box the day before. This was Wednesday the 13th and It said to cancel by 12:00 noon. I trusted that I set myself that I setup for every two weeks and they send these emails to everyone. The next day (the 14th) I decided I should cancel before I get a box I don’t want. I clicked a link in the email that said schedule your next delivery. Links like this normally take you to a website where you do the actual scheduling, I guessing since I can’t see history. Not this website! It apparently created an order right when I clicked on it. I canceled my account that same day, on the 14th. I found out the next day that clicking that link actually did create an order. I received a receipt in my email the next day.
    4) I replied to that email. This is about the ONLY thing good about this company is that they actually receive emails when you reply. I told them I didn’t order they and please give me a credit. Corrine replied that I needed to cancel by 12:00 pm on the 13th and terms and conditions blah blah blah. I replied again that I am every other week and it wasn’t my week. Corrine replied, “I see you created an order from the home page yesterday, May 14th, at 7:03 AM. I do see you received our substitution email on the 13th, and opened it. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but we are unable to credit your account.” The email she mentions is the one I mentioned above. Clearly Corrine confirms in her comment that the order was made when I clicked that link on the 14th. So tell me this Farmbox Direct, if I accidentally made an May 14th, at 7:03 AM, how do I cancel by 12:00 noon on the 13th? If I am to be held to canceling by Wednesday at 12:00 noon, it should be Wednesday the 20th. That hasn’t happened yet!!!!!

    So, I replied to Corrine’s last email very angry and said, “If I accidentally created an order in May 14th, you will also see that I that I canceled the account on May 14th. It is obvious and know darn well that the order was completely accidental and you are a totally disreputable company If you cannot acknowledge that order was accidental If you hold me to this order and don’t give me this credit or I will share my very unpleasant experience on ALL of the sites that have reviews of your company, including the Better Business Bureau. I could just dispute the charge on my credit card but I am giving your company the chance to do the right thing. Now act like a respectable company and acknowledge that this is an error that should be corrected by you!!!!”

    After calming down, I now see that not only was I correct, I have proof that Farmbox Direct is in the wrong. I was setup for every other week and they are trying to hold me to an order that I inadvertently made on the 14th and they are holding me to this order because I didn’t cancel by the 13th.

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