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Create Custom Charm Bracelets with Charmazing

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My 10 year old daughter is developing her own unique style. Long gone are the days when I would lay out her outfit each morning to help her get dressed. Now she is vocal about the style of clothes she likes and even the jewelry she wears. Last week she wore a pair of feather earrings to school. She’s quite the little fashionista and much more so than I was at her age! My baby girl is growing up.

Bridget recently had the chance to try out one of the products on the 2014 Toys “R” Us Holiday Hot Toy List: Charmazing All Wrapped Up! Charm Bracelet Kit – Seasons Collection. This craft kit includes six charms and energy cards fro the Seasons Collection, three bracelets, a variety of beads and threads and instructions. What I like about the Charmazing brand is that they give tweens the tools they need to create their own unique look. They provide instructions on how to make three different styles of bracelets. Or if your child prefers to create their own look, they can do that too. Bridget started out by following the instructions, but then went off and did her own thing.


I could definitely picture bracelet making slumber parties. The girls could make their own bracelets and trade charms with their friends. Charmazing has over 100 different charms to collection in 11 unique themed collections. The charms fit into one of two worlds: Karma (positive energy) and Nature (powerful energy). I love how this collection inspires and empowers girls with positive messages and propels them to access their own creativity.


In addition, their is also a virtual Charmazing world that kids can access via an app. I added the Charmazing app to my iPhone for Bridget to scan her Charmazing charms into the virtual world. The app is free and can be downloaded on iTunes or Google Play.


Charmazing is available exclusively at Toys”R” Us stores and online at Here are a few other products in the Charmazing collection:

  • Charmazing Let’s Get Started: Creativity starts here with this set that comes in five different collections, enabling designers to personalize their bracelets according to these themes: Wildlife, Seaside, Lucky, Heart and Emoji.
  • Charmazing Charmastation: A unique bracelet workstation that keeps indivdiual bracelets secure so that charmasters can work their creative majic. Additionally, there’s a storage compartment to neatly stow and organize materials.
  • Charmazing Color Me Up!: There is a rainbow of customizable options from three inspiring themed collections: Seaside, Season and Heart. Each features six charms, energy cards and beads.
  • Charmazing Deluxe Kit: This complete set comes in both Karma and Nature World themes, enabling tweens to design six unique bracelets. Also included is the Charmastation bracelet working station, thread, beads and chains.


Charmazing is geared towards children ages 8 to 12. I think it would have been easier for Bridget to make the bracelets like they had in the instruction booklet with the help of the Charmastation. It holds the bracelet securely in place while your child designs it. She started out following the directions and then went off and did her own thing. Or maybe that was her plan all along! I’m not going to question her creative process!


When Bridget found out there were more charms to collect, she asked if we could buy her more kits. I think we may have just started a new collection for her. It keeps her busy and she is having fun so I don’t mind! I think there will be more bracelet-making sessions in her near future. Santa may be buying her another kit!


Check out this video to learn more about Charmazing!

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