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Celebrating Christmas with Maplelea


  1. I had never heard of these dolls. They are lovely. I guess I really am out of the loop.

  2. I don’t know a lot about these dolls, but I love this idea. The packaging is great, and I love the journal idea. Learning about the dolls really adds and a journal is a good gift for your daughter to write about herself.

  3. These dolls

  4. MY COMPUTER IS DOING STRANGE THINGS! I love these dolls. They are beautiful. I like that they come with a book about the area they’re from. I’d love to be able to get one for my granddaughter

  5. Canadian dolls sound great! I want one for myself.

  6. These dolls are absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Maplelea dolls are beautiful

  8. These dolls sound wonderful

  9. I could see this doll becoming a favorite real fast

  10. The doll looks so much like her

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