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Make a Wish Come True This Holiday Season #ToyotaWishmaker

It feels so good to give. I think that is one of my favourite things about the holidays. It’s not about receiving gifts – it’s about creating memorable moments with the act of giving. Whether it’s watching my daughter’s face light up when she receives a toy she’s been longing for or donating to a local charity in need, it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to make someone’s day. These are moments to cherish long after the holidays end and stay with you forever.

This holiday season, Ontario Toyota Dealers is doing something pretty special with their Wishmaker Holiday Calendar. They are granting wishes – 24 to be exact and celebrating remarkable people from across the province of Ontario. Starting on December 1, they will fulfill one wish a day for 24 days and will showcase each special holiday moment on their giant Wishmaker Calendar. It will be located at 8 Hanna Avenue in Liberty Village if you want to stop by and see each wish come to life.

I had an incredible opportunity presented to me last week – to grant a wish to someone in my local community. After giving it some thought, I decided to show my support to Operation Snowsuit, , a local program administered by the Renfrew County Child Poverty Action Network. With two daughters of my own, charities representing children are close to my heart.


The main goal of Operation Snowsuit is to keep our local children warm and dry this winter season. They provide outdoor winter wear so kids can enjoy outdoor activities and not be cold or uncomfortable. They believe all children should be able to enjoy the winter season regardless of their family’s financial status.

If a child is sent to school with ill-fitting or inadequate clothing offering little protection from the elements, the school will have no choice but to keep them inside at recess to ensure their health and safety. It breaks my heart thinking of a child sitting alone inside at recess while his or her friends are outside building snow forts and playing in the snow.

I was glad to be able to contribute winter clothing and boots to Operation Snowsuit and grant a wish to our local kids.


I emailed the charity to find out what items they were in need of. I’m glad I did because the lady I talked to informed me that they already had enough of specific sizes and gave me a list of what to pick up at the store.

Armed with my list, my sister and I went to our local Walmart this past weekend to buy snowsuits and boots for Operation Snowsuit. We purchased two pairs of snowpants for teen boys, three pairs of snowpants for younger boys, warm boots for a teen girl and a nice, warm pair of boots for a teen boy.


I’m coordinating a drop-off this week and will be bringing all these items to CPAN. I’m hoping that they will bring joy to someone in need. I’m very happy to be able to make someone’s day a little better! I hope these kids have a fun-filled winter season without worry about staying warm and dry.


Now it’s your turn! Do you want to surprise someone in your community with a special holiday gift? The Ontario Toyota Dealers Association is granting one wish a day starting December 1st! Submit your holiday wish to the Wishmaker Holiday Calendar and do something meaningful for someone in your community. This is your chance to make someone’s wish come true!


Visit the Ontario Toyota Dealers Wishmaker and give them the details on the wish you want to see come true. Tell them the who, what and why your person should receive the best holiday gift ever. One simple act can make all the difference. I encourage you to give it some thought and make someone’s dream a reality. Like I said, it feels good to give!

Follow the hashtag #toyotawishmaker to keep up with all the excitement happening throughout the holiday season!

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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