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When we moved into our new home in June, I put my Lampe Berger downstairs where the cats hang out. I figured that was where it was needed the most. I was right. Though I clean their litter box often, there are still times the basement doesn’t smell so fresh. Thankfully in 20 minutes the smell is gone and replaced by another pleasant smelling scent, depending on what I have in my Lampe Berger.

Lampe Berger sent me a new style of lamp with two home fragrances to try. This one matched the decor in my living room perfectly! I’ve been moving it around upstairs depending on where it’s needed the most (ie. where the smell originates).


Lampe Berger does more than just mask unpleasant odours in your home. It destroys them! It gets rid of unpleasant pet odours, lingering food odours and purifies the air with a long-lasting fragrance. Our home smelled very musty when we first moved in and opening windows wouldn’t completely getting rid of the smell. I lit up the Lampe Berger and within 20 minutes, the room smelled 100 times better.

To give you another quick example – Olivia was frying bacon and eggs for breakfast and it left behind a gross, greasy smell. I lit up the Lampe Berger with Green Chai home fragrance and the smell was gone.

When I know that company is stopping by, I’ll light it up to freshen up the air and get rid of any odours. I may not smell them since I’m used to it, but my guests might.

Let me quickly walk you through these simple steps to purify and fragrance your air with Lampe Berger.

Step One: Pour your desired Home Fragrance about 2/3 full into your lamp. Use the funnel provided to avoid spills.


Step Two: Place the burner inside the lamp and wait 20 minutes if it’s your first use. If it’s not, you can skip this step.


Step Three: Light the burner and wait two minutes.


Step Four: Blow out the flame and place protective top back on. Your Lampe Berger will now cleanse and perfume the air.


Step Five: After 20 minutes, remove protective top and place the stopper over the burner. Put the protective top back on until you are ready to use it next.


Lampe Berger works its magic thanks to their exclusive patented burner and is unlike any other type of system. Through diffusion by catalysis it destroys molecules responsible for icky smells, perfumes air quickly, consistently and provides a long-lasting benefit even in big rooms.


It’s pretty neat the science behind how it works.  The catalytic burner heats up to 500°C and attracts and oxidizes the molecules in the air responsible for the smell. The catalytic process prevents recombination of these molecules so the smell isn’t masked – it’s gone.

The home fragrancing zone of the burner at the very top dispenses the Lampe Berger fragrance and the lower temperature of the catalytic burner (when the flame is blown out) allows the fragrance to keep its delicate olfactive notes.

Lampe Berger recommends replacing the burner after 140 hours of diffusion or the use of 7 500 mL bottles of home fragrance or after 1 year of usage. They have two wick lengths available at 32 cm and 47 cm.


I love their selection of Home Fragrances! They have fruity fragrances, floral fragrances, sweet fragrances and more. Right now my house is filled with Green Chai.

They also have a Neutral Home Fragrance that removes unwanted odours without giving off a fragrance. It can be used to adjust the intensity of a home fragrance by diluting it.Also, it’s good to use between two fragrances to optimize the burner and clean it.

The Lampe Berger collection of lamps is stunning! They have a large number of styles and colours to choose from to suit your home decor.

Check out the store locator to find an independent retailer that sells Lampe Berger near you. Lampe Berger Canada is committed to selling exclusively to independent retailers. I found three stores in my area that carry them so I’ll be heading there to check them out.

They would make a thoughtful Christmas gift for a family member or friend.

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