Arlo Series by Karisa Lowe

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It’s no secret that I love books. My house is filled with them. I’m happy to say that both of my boys love books as well. They’re always excited to read and discover new stories and they are constantly asking my husband and I to read to them, and we’re more than happy to oblige. Recently we had the opportunity to add to our large library with three wonderful children’s books from author Karisa Lowe.

Arlo Series by Karisa Lowe

Karisa sent my boys three books that she has written to encourage children and calm some common fears and anxieties they may have. Each book features Arlo the elephant on his journey to the dentist, his first airplane ride, and to the farmer’s market. Arlo Goes To The Dentist is a great book to help prep your child for their first dental visit. It includes a great walk through of the entire check-up process, including the buzzing of the dentist’s cleaning toothbrush (which my little guy still gets nervous about!).

Arlo And The Airplane takes your child on a trip to the airport as Arlo prepares for his family vacation. There Arlo experiences checking in his luggage, listening to emergency instructions from the flight attendant, and even the excitement of getting a mid-flight snack.

Arlo Goes To The Farmers Market is a book meant to encourage kids to eat their fruits and vegetables. It follows Arlo as he chooses colorful fruits and vegetables to eat to help him grow. This book also has the old “try it you may like it” lesson in it when Arlo has the opportunity to try something he has never seen before (a plum) and it instantly becomes his new favorite thing to eat!

Arlo Series by Karisa Lowe


All of the books start out in Arlo’s imagination and then takes kids into the reality of the situations, making it easy for little minds to understand. The books are wonderfully written by Karisa and beautifully illustrated by Edmund Boey. They would make a wonderful addition to any child’s library. My boys really enjoy this series and have asked over and over for my husband and I to read these books to them. You can learn more about these titles on the Books section of Karisa’s website. Each book sells for $15.95.

Karisa Lowe starting writing children’s books after the arrival of her nieces and nephews who inspired her.

Arlo Series by Karisa Lowe

In early 2013, she even started her own publishing company, Early Ink Press. Her Arlo the Elephant series has been immensely successful, winning numerous US and International awards. She plans on expanding her company and accepting new manuscripts in the near future, and I’m excited to see what she comes up with next!


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