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As someone who has sensitive skin, I know what it’s like trying to find products that won’t irritate skin or cause a reaction. I need something mild that won’t bother me, but also a product that still provides an effective cleaning power on my clothes and personal items.

Tide has recently introduced Tide Pods Free & Gentle, a detergent for people with sensitive skin that deep cleans without dyes or perfumes. I love the convenience of the pre-measured, single-use pac so you always get the right amount of detergent every time and no mess! Tide Pods Free & Gentle Pods will dissolve in all temperatures of water and can be used in both traditional and HE washing machines. I wash my clothes solely in cold water (unless they are reallyyyyyyy dirty) so that is good to know!

It also comes in powder, liquid and HE liquid for high efficiency washers.

Tide Pods

Dr. Sandy Skotnicki, a Canadian dermatologist, has some tips on how to prevent irritable skin.

1. Avoid fragrances and botanicals in your soaps, detergents and moisturizers as they can be both irritants and allergens. Try a detergent free of dyes and perfumes like Tide Pods Free & Gentle.

2. Stick to non-foaming “soaps” in the shower. They don’t strip skin of its natural oils.

3. Only shower or have a bath once a day since water dries out the skin.

4. Keep bathing times to under 15 minutes and avoid using hot water.

5. After bathing, pat yourself dry. Rubbing with a towel removes moisture and dries out skin.

I was following most of these tips already except the one about hot water. I enjoy my hot showers!

Do you have sensitive skin?

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