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Splash Wall Art Review

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We recently went through a basement renovation. It is now an open and bright playroom for my boys. When the opportunity arose to review a piece of vinyl wall art from Splash Wall Art, I knew I wanted to get something fun for the new playroom – and I wound up finding the perfect piece that my boys, my husband, and I all love!

Splash Wall Art Review

I was given the opportunity to choose any piece from the Splash Wall Art site for review. They have a variety of categories to choose from, including art for the nursery, seasonal wall decals, and even car decals. I found the perfect piece for our new playroom in the Kids Decor category – Invaders from Space. My boys love to play video games and I knew they would love this graphic. My husband and I have great memories of actually playing this classic game when we were younger, so we knew we would love it on the walls as much as ours boys would!

Ordering from Splash Wall Art is a breeze – and you can customize the colors and text to match your design vision. My selection arrived with an application tool to aid in getting the decals on the wall properly. We had a perfect spot picked out for these decals – right at the entrance of the playroom there’s a slanted wall that I knew would really work well with this particular design. My husband is a pro at applying wall decals and he was able to easily get our design up in just a short amount of time (we went with a classic layout, however, you can apply them in any configuration you want).

Splash Wall Art Review

I cannot tell you how happy we all are with these decals – my boys love them for the colors and the neat little aliens, my husband and I love them because they really bring back such fun memories for us. If you have a gamer in your house, these decals would be a great way to decorate a game room, a bedroom, or a playroom. This decal set sells for $23.99 on the Splash Wall Art Site.

Splash Wall Art Review

Proudly made in Canada, Splash Wall Art decals are a great way to decorate without having to paint, wallpaper, or stencil. The decals can be applied to any smooth interior surface, including windows, tiles, and even bathtubs (they’re waterproof!). They stay on for years, but are easily removable when you want to change up your design look. They are also UV safe, so you don’t have to worry about them fading over time.

To see all the decals Splash Wall Art has to offer – and to see their customer gallery of decals in use – check out their website.


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