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Deep Relief Ice Cold Spray

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I’m no stranger to pain. In fact, I know it intimately well and it sucks. As someone who lives in daily pain, I know there are some kinds of pain that can be helped and other types where not much can be done. The chronic pelvic stuff that I have is tough to treat, but the other types of pain I often get like neck pain, upper back pain and acute injuries CAN be treated and easily too. Thank goodness for that.

After years of not exercising regularly, I’ve finally started walking again. I’m really proud of myself for finally just starting and have shown myself that I can still get fit. Walking outside feels so good. I love the fresh air and taking in the fall scenery.

I guess it can be expected that beginning any kind of new excercise regimen will cause some amount of pain as your body adjusts to the activity. Muscles that don’t get used often are finally moving and my body protests with pain. The muscle pain isn’t terrible, but it is annoying! My legs were sore the first week out walking. I think I might have pushed myself too hard with trying to speed walk the entire distance.

Deep Relief

My bottle of Deep Relief Ice Cold Spray was put to the test over the past couple weeks. It’s best used on acute injuries or after a workout to soothe sore muscles. It feels so good! It’s like an instant cold that penetrates deep into the pain to soothe the sore spots and reduces inflammation better than ice. I sprayed some on my legs after my walk and I could feel it working immediately.

I also like that it’s touch free so you don’t get anything on your hands. The continuous spray format also is useful on those hard to reach areas.

I’m always tripping and am huge klutz. The next time I twist my ankle (because it’s inevitable that will happen again I’m sure!), I’ll be trying Deep Relief Ice Cold Spray on it instead of an awkward ice pack.

You can pick up some Deep Relief Ice Cold Spray in the pain relief section at your local major drug, mass and grocery retailer for an SRP of $9.99.

Deep Relief has been helping Canadians get pain relief for over 50 years and is exclusively endorsed by the Canadian Chiropractic Association. Check out the spray I tried and their other fantastic products next time you’re out shopping!

Deep Relief

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