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The A&W Ingredients Guarantee

Over the last year, A&W has been on a journey to give Canadians simple, great-tasting ingredients and have made a number of important changes. Last week I shared their announcement about becoming the first quick service restaurant to serve chicken raised without the use of antibiotics. Their ingredients guarantee is full of information about the changes they’ve made to their chicken, eggs and beef.

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It all began in September 2013 when they introduced 100% pure beef raised without the use of hormones, steroids, additives, preservatives or fillers to their menu. Canadians must be enjoying them because they voted A&W as having the best tasting burger in Canada according to a survey. When I think of A&W, the first item that comes to mind is their Teen Burger and I wasn’t aware of these changes until recently. I agree with Canadians – they do make a great tasting burger!

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The cattle ranchers that A&W works with follow stringent standards to raise their cattle with care and are at the leading edge of sustainable and environmental practices. Good to know!

They say  breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I need to make an effort to eat breakfast since I’m guilty of skipping it and just drinking coffee. Now that I’m close to an A&W I think I’ll head down one morning after the kids are in school and give one of their breakfast menu items a try.

In September 2014, A&W introduced Nature’s Best Eggs in their restaurants and became the only national fast food restaurant serving eggs from hens fed a vegetarian diet, without animal by-products. All the eggs served are Canada Grade A quality from Canadian farms, fresh-cracked for all breakfasts and cooked to order for plated breakfasts. I like my eggs hot and fresh!

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Looking ahead, A&W is committed to having all of its hens living in enriched housing by the end of 2016. Currently over half of A&W eggs come from enriched housing cages that give hens the freedom to perch and lay eggs in nesting areas.

A&W’s chicken, beef and eggs aren’t the only ingredients changing. They’ve also made a number of environmentally focused innovations too!

Onion Rings. A&W’s classic onion rings are made daily in A&W restaurants using fresh onions from Gills Onions, one of their key produce suppliers. Gills is the first operation in the world to produce ultra-clean, renewable electricity from onion waste left behind from the fresh-cut process. Pretty neat right? My Grandma June always said that A&W served the best onion rings out there and I agree – they are yummy!

Sweet Potato Fries. They are orange in colour, but they are also green, figuratively speaking that is. A&W suppliers preserve and protect natural resources by controlling energy and water usage and by reducing waste and pollution. I also found it interesting to note that their sweet potato processing facility is the first frozen food manufacturing plant worldwide to earn LEED Platinum certification, the highest distinction available to green buildings.

 Tomatoes. A&W farming partners can grow 25 times more tomatoes than on traditional farm fields while still conserving land, heat and water and also allowing the tomatoes to ripen on the vine longer. Their farmers make efficient use of the greenhouses used to grown tomatoes and are committed to sustainability. Another great example of being green!

Environmentally Friendly Packaging. A&W uses compostable paper bags for burgers and steel trays and serving baskets for fries and onion rings in their restaurants. Let’s not forget the famous frosty mugs that make the A&W Root Beer taste oh so good!

For more information, check out A&W online and also their Ingredient Guarantee. What will you order on your next trip to A&W?

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Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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