12 Days of Christmas with Six Sisters’ Stuff

12 Days of Christmas with Six Sisters' Stuff *I received a copy of this book for review, but was not compensated financially in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based solely on my experiences while reading this book.*

Title: 12 Days of Christmas With Six Sisters’ Stuff: Recipes, Traditions, Homemade Gifts, and So Much More

Authors: Six Sisters’ Stuff

My Review

The Six Sisters behind the popular blog, Six Sisters’ Stuff recently launched their third book and I was able to snag myself a copy. I’m a huge fan of their blog and especially love their recipes. I’m not the only one either. Their blog receives a whopping 3 million unique visitors and over 11 million page views PER MONTH. Whoa! If you check out their blog or their books, I think you’ll easily see what the appeal is. I love them because their recipes are easy, delicious and stuff I’d actually want to make for my family!

12 Days of Christmas with Six Sisters’ Stuff is full of creative ideas to make this the most memorable Christmas yet! You’ll learn how to make unique, handcrafted gifts for your family, Christmas decorations, party ideas and my favourite, loads of recipes! Each chapter showcases 12 ideas….which makes sense since we all know it’s the 12 days of Christmas…

The first chapter features a variety of Christmas cookies! If you need inspiration for a cookie exchange this year, pick up a copy of this book. I’m looking forward to making the Cherry Cheesecake Cookies (!!!) and Gooey Butter Cookies. All the recipes in this book have full-colour photos and easy to follow instructions.

Other food related chapters include Christmas Brunch Recipes, Christmas Treats and Quick and Easy Family Dinners. I’m interested in seeing how their recipe for Grandma’s Meatloaf compares to my own grandma’s recipe.

They also have a chapter called 12 Family Traditions where each sister shares their personal Christmas traditions. It’s given me some ideas of what we can do this year like Kendra’s idea for the Ornament Exchange. Also listed was the tradition of Christmas Pajamas where you get a new pair of pajamas to wear for the occasion. We already do that one.

The chapter 12 Ways to Give Back is meaningful and showed how easy it is spread joy to others less fortunate. It also serves as a reminder to give when you can and lists a variety of ways you can help out.

I’m looking forward to decorating for Christmas! I normally don’t decorate the house until December 1, but I can get a head start on making a few DIY Christmas decorations. The chapter, 12 DIY Christmas Decorations, has a few I want to try including Cinnamon Stick Candles, Christmas Card Holder and a Christmas Ornament Garland.

Once the holiday season hits, I’m sure my copy of the book will be dog-eared with the amount of times I’ve looked at it. I want to make our first Christmas in our new home the best one yet!

12 Days of Christmas with Six Sisters' Stuff

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