How to Spend Quality Time with Your Cat

I love spending time with my two cats. Princess is the more sociable of the two and will follow me around the house. Misty usually hides out in the basement and rarely ventures upstairs. She’s a sweet girl, but very shy especially if there is a house full of people.

It’s easy to spend quality time with Princess because she’s like my shadow. I work in my living room during the day and Princess is normally seated right beside me. She often lays down across my mousepad making it more difficult for me to work. If I have a coffee, I need to watch out. Little Princess will try and stick her face in my cup for a quick taste.

With Misty, I have to make more of an effort to spend time with her and will most often have to seek her out. Today I wanted to share a few of the different ways to spend some quality one-on-one time with your cat. I normally spend at least 30 minutes throughout the day with Misty and Princess with my attention focused on them.

How to Spend Quality Time with Your Cat


1. Watch a nature show or show featuring animals. Both Princess and Misty watch TV, but only if it’s a documentary or a show with animals on it. Sometimes, I’ll put on a nature show and watch their reactions. They are mesmerized by the sounds and movements with their eyes glued to the screen. I always wonder what they are thinking! Misty will sometimes even look behind the TV to see where the animals are. They seem to really enjoy it and will sit there and watch a show for about 30 minutes!

2. Play with your cat. Princess loves when I dangle a string of  yarn and let her swat at it. Both of them love pushing around the ping pong ball across the hardwood floor. I have to go dig it out from under furniture though every few minutes. They will stare at me with their pleading eyes and small meows until I do. Princess enjoys chasing around Bridget’s Sphero toy. It is SO funny to watch her go after it!

3. Give your cat a treat. My cats come running when they hear the treat door open. Princess can be in a dead sleep and hear the drawer open. Then I hear a thump as she jumps from her bed and a pitter patter of paws running to get her reward. They go nuts for treats and show their love with lots of meows and swats to get the treats from my hand. Misty will gently take the treat from me. Princess is rough and will give me a swat to grab it and even sometimes makes contact with my hand with her sharp little teeth! I really see their personality differences when the treats come out.

4. Talk to your cat. Cats are good listeners. I always talk to them throughout the day. They look at me like they are understanding what I’m saying. I’ll ask them if they are hungry and sometimes get a drawn out meow from Misty. That means, “Yes, mommy please feed me!”.

5. Brush their fur. Princess & Misty love having their fur brushed. Misty will try and lick my hand when I’m brushing her. I find it also cuts down on their shedding if I brush them regularly and keep matted fur at bay.

6. Cuddle and pet your cat. I love snuggling up on the couch with Princess by my side. I’ll reach over and pet her soft white fur while she purrs happily. Misty will come over and sit right on top of my chest. She falls asleep and I can watch an entire movie with her like that. Both of them love to be petted…on their terms of course. Cats are funny like that.

How to Spend Quality Time with Your Cat

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