Six Ways to Make Life Easier on the Road

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Besides my family, two of the most precious resources in my life are time and money. It always seems like I never have enough and I’m always looking for ways to save both. It’s a hectic time of year right now with school up and running again and the after school activities commencing. I’m spending more time in my vehicle shuttling the girls to friends’ houses, lessons, school or wherever they have to go that day.

I’ve talked to many of my friends and family members and they are in the same boat as me. I’m sure many of you are too. Thanks to Shell, I’ve got a few tips to share on how to save both time and money this busy time of year while you are out and about in your vehicle.

Six Ways to Make Life Easier on the Road
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1. Plan and combine trips. Save time on the road by not heading out in rush hour and avoiding construction zones. I’ve started planning my shopping trips either early in the morning or later in the evening. Not only are the roads less busy, but so are the stores! Also, trips of less than five km don’t allow the engine to reach its peak operating temperature and fuel consumption and exhaust emissions will be higher than when driving the same distance with a warm engine. I’m now running all my errands on one trip.  This way I’m not making multiple short trips, but one longer trip.

2. Get your coffee and earn rewards. Pick up a hot and fresh coffee at your local Shell station with Java Café while you zip around town. They offer a variety of flavours and condiments to customize your perfect cup. I always love to have a cup of coffee in my console when I’m on-the-go. Plus, you’ll earn five bonus AIR MILES reward miles with every Shell Java Café purchase from September 15th to November 9th. Delicious coffee and rewards? Sounds like a win-win to me.


3. Drive smoothly. Did you know that stop-and-go traffic combined with speeding, quick acceleration and hard stops that you can increase your fuel consumption by up to 25%? My dad always used to tell my mom that she was “hard” on the vehicles with her lead foot. I want my old car to last as long as possible so I take good care of her when I’m driving. Slow down and don’t slam on the brakes unless you have to!

4. Measure your tire pressure once a month. Properly inflated tires will last longer and make your vehicle safer to drive. They will also help you save on fuel too. Inflate your cold tires to the recommended pressure. I’m making a note on my calendar to do this once a month.

5. Fill your tank with a high-quality gasoline. Did you know that all three grades of Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasoline contain five times the amount of federally-mandated cleaning agents? This allows Shell gasolines the ability to clean up the gunk on intake valves and fuel injectors. A clean engine is more fuel-efficient and produces fewer emissions. Good to know! I live close to a Shell gas station so that has been mainly where we fill up since we moved to Pembroke.

6. Lighten your load. Don’t store heavy items in your trunk. The added weight contributes to increased fuel consumption. I’m doing pretty good here. Our trunk is pretty much empty except for the spare tire, oil and washer fluid.

I love that these tips offer practical advice to make life easier on the road. What are some of the ways you save time and money during the hectic fall season?

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