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The Heli Beast from Silverlit is one of the most exciting and innovative 2 in 1 toys that my husband and children have played with this year and it is sure to be a “must-have” toy for all ages this holiday season. What is the Heli Beast? It is an animated dinosaur-like predator that is able to walk forwards and backwards, leap up and over barriers and most impressively it can actually soar through the air with realistic flying action!

Heli Beast

My kids could not wait to play with this toy and it did not disappoint them as it was a ton of fun. The sleek, stylish design is very appealing and the remote control was very easy to use to control the action. They could make their Heli Beast fly, jump and walk and even hover. What makes this so unique is that it has a special propeller system that provides auto stabilization technology for authentic movements and action. The take-off was easy and although learning to get the right landing was a bit tricky at first, with a little practice the Heli Beast maneuvers were a blast and the flight was smooth. My husband commented that he was impressed by the fact that the Heli Beast would fly for up to ten minutes before it would need to be recharged and it only took about 25 minutes to fully recharge and be ready for the next flight.

Heli Beast

Inside the packaging, we found everything that we needed to get started playing with the Heli Beast as it includes the toy itself which is 8” long with “beast-like” gear for walking and flight simulations. It also comes with the remote control, charger and easy-to-follow instructions. It is recommended for ages 6 and up which is appropriate in our experience as my six, seven and nine year old children equally enjoyed playing with it. There are two different colors to choose from and the price is quite reasonable at only $39.99!

This is the ultimate toy “predator” that is so much fun….in fact, the kids just decided they would like to play with it again, if they can get it back from my husband!

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