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Summer Fun #MomTrust

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I was looking at my calendar on my phone the other day and saw that Labour Day is 2 weeks away. School starts the Tuesday after Labour Day and I asked myself where did the summer go? It seems like yesterday that we packed up our house in Nova Scotia to move to Ontario. It’s been a busy summer! I guess the saying that “time flies when you’re having fun” is true.

I don’t regret for one minute moving back to Ontario. In Nova Scotia, I felt isolated with no family nearby and friends so far away. It’s been wonderful to be back in my hometown close to everyone.

Summer Fun #MomTrust

My girls have been having a blast being so close to Grandma and Poppa and their aunts, uncles and cousins. Bridget has had sleepovers with her cousin, Avery, and had playdates with her Ontario friends. She loves to swim in my parents pool and go for bike rides on the local bike trails. My sister went to Niagara Falls and brought Bridget with her. Bridget proudly told me she went on all the roller coasters at Marineland and touched a dolphin during a show.

Summer Fun #MomTrust

Summer Fun #MomTrust

Olivia turned 16 last month and got her driver’s licence. We’ve been teaching her to drive on the country roads and empty parking lots. She’s doing fabulous! She’s also been spending lots of time with her friends. She’s had lots of sleepovers, gone to the movies and shopping in Ottawa. The highlight of her summer was the Katy Perry concert. I was able to attend it too. She was in the Reflection Section with a spot right at the stage. She captured a picture of Katy looking right at her and gave Katy a letter she wrote.

Summer Fun #MomTrust

As a family, we’ve gone for ice cream, hosted barbecues and spent a day at the beach. We’ve also been working very hard at updating our new home. I’m happy to say that all the bedrooms are completed! We are still working on renovating the kitchen and hallway. We also are poking away and finishing off the basement. It’s been a process, but fun! Our home was seriously outdated with nothing being done to it since it was built in the 60s. It’s looking awesome! I’ll be sharing posts on the renovations this Fall so you can see the transformation.

Though I’m sad to see the summer end, I’m also looking forward to what the Fall may bring. The girls are starting new schools, Olivia is getting a new job and Bridget is learning to play the piano. I feel very blessed and at peace finally. The Summer of 2014 was stressful, but it was all worth it.

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What have you been up to this summer?

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