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Right Click*I received a copy of this book for review, but was not compensated financially in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based solely on my experiences while reading this book.*

Title: Right Click (Click Series) (Volume 3)

Author: Lisa Becker


Love. Marriage. Infidelity. Crises of identity. Death. Cupcakes. The themes in Right Click, the third and final installment in the Click series, couldn’t be more pressing for this group of friends as they navigate through their 30’s. Another six months have passed since we last eavesdropped on the hilarious, poignant and oftentimes inappropriate email adventures of Renee and friends. As the story continues to unfold, relationships are tested and some need to be set “right” before everyone can find their “happily ever after.”

My Review:

Right Click is the third and final installment of the Click Series and I was so excited to get back to Renee and her world. The style is unique, writing an entire book while exclusively using email exchanges between characters. You wouldn’t think it would work, but Becker figured out a way. Especially in this day and age with text messaging so easily at our disposal, it seems like no one really emails anymore, and yet there is always a legitimate reason that they are sending these messages as emails and not as a very long text message. I do think the whole series would be great in the normal format with interaction amongst the characters, but I think it works this way.

To be honest, after reading the second book, I didn’t think there would be much else for Becker to do with this group of characters. I was excited to finally get to Renee and Ethan’s wedding, but aside from that I didn’t have many expectations. I was happily surprised with the plot twists that were thrown in that kept me engaged the entire time. I was especially happy with what happened with Shelley, Renee’s BFF who moved to Seattle at the very end of the second book. It was surprising, and yet very appropriate and true to her character. I love that.

There is a very short epilogue at the end which I will say I was very happy to see. I hate ending a series and wondering what happened with the characters. It was short and sweet but gave the perfect amount of information to satisfy a curious reader.

I think my favorite part about this series is it lets me satisfy that natural curiosity to eavesdrop without actually butting into people’s lives. You can’t tell me that you’ve never been tempted to peek into someone’s email or facebook or text messages when they aren’t in the room and happened to leave it open and available to you. I’ve never given into that temptation because I respect my friend’s privacy, but the thought has crossed my mind. Reading this series is like spying on all of these friends but without the guilt. Win, win.

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