Back to School with OxiClean

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Do you have a strategy for how you tackle laundry? I was reading a post earlier this week about a woman who plans what laundry she will be washing on each day of the week. She has whites on Tuesdays and darks on Wednesdays and so on. I’m not that organized though maybe I should get my act together with school about to start again. It’s no walk in the park when laundry starts to pile up!

One thing that is huge annoyance is when you do a load of laundry and discover the clothes aren’t as clean as you’d like them to be. Then you have to do a second load and waste more precious time and resources. Ugh. Getting it done right the first time is my focus! As the saying goes, “Ain’t no one got time for that”.

Take a Load Off with OxiClean 

OxiClean wants you to get the laundry done the first time around so you can take a load off. They’ve got some great tips on how you can your clothes clean and fresh during the busy back to school season.

Back to School with OxiClean

Pass It On Program

OxiClean asked me to nominate a fellow blogger for the Pass It On Program. This person is going to receive an OxiClean laundry gift basket. I knew just who to pick! My nominee is Kristen at My 3 Little Kittens. Kristen has become a very good friend over the last couple of years both in the blogging world and my personal life. She’s got a huge heart and is always willing to help out whether its with kind, supportive words or going the extra mile for her friends. She also is a cat lover like myself. Princess, my cat, would want Anson’s mom to have the gift basket. Anson is one of Kristen’s adorable, sweet kitties and loves to look at pictures of my Princess on the laptop.

What OxiClean laundry product are you most looking forward to trying?

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