Becoming a Voice Actor for Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue #FireandRescueEvent

*Disney provided me with an all expenses paid trip to Los Angeles to attend advance screenings of Maleficent and Planes: Fire and Rescue and to attend press junkets for both films. I did receive some promotional products courtesy of Disney Consumer Products. No other compensation was received. All thoughts are 100% my own.*

If you knew me in person, the last word you might use to describe me is shy. But when it comes to cameras and audio recorders, I clam up! So I can definitely say that being a voice actor is not a viable career for me. Nevertheless, I let my inhibitions go a little and had a total blast recording my voice as Dipper in this summer’s newest Disney flick, Planes: Fire & Rescue (in theaters July 18th, 2014).

The energetic Dipper is voiced by Julie Bowen in the movie, and man, does she talk FAST! Luckily for me, when I’m really nervous, I start talking fast, too. That helped me out in a lot of ways when I stepped into the recording booth to lend my voice to my newest favorite Disney character.

I’ve always hated the way that my voice sounds on a recording device, but Jason Henkel and Paul McGrath, the casting director and sound engineer, made me sound so seamless that I thought for a split second maybe I could totally do this kind of job! Best of all, these guys know how to balance fun with work. Anyone who gets to work with them in this industry is lucky!

Each of us only took a couple of takes inside of the recording booth, but I learned that they’ll sometimes ask the voice actors to say the same line up to thirty times. This way it gives the filmmakers plenty of options to choose from, and they can offer different directions to the actor or actress on how he or she should deliver a line.

I’ve been chewing my fingernails in nervous anticipation of finally having these recordings in my possession, and I have to say I’m pretty thrilled with them! Right after I did my recording and went back into the lounge area—which was stocked with candy, bottles of water, and a really pretty Pirate Fairy doll—I sank into the couch with a bright red face and was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe when they played back my recording.

I don’t know, what do you guys think? Do I have a promising future as a voice actor?


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