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Pajar: Stylish & Functional Canadian Boots & Outerwear

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As a Canadian, I’m very familiar with how brutal winter can be. I think the last winter we just endured was one of the worst I can remember. I say *just* because the snow didn’t stop until almost May for some areas! It was the winter that never wanted to end.

I’ll be needing a new pair of winter boots before the snow starts to fall this year. My boots last year were not built to last. It was no fun shoveling the driveway with cold, wet feet. I want comfort, warmth, but don’t want to sacrifice style either. I want boots that will look and feel good to wear. And I know just the place I’m going to find them: Pajar.

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I heard about Pajar after my friend, Tiffany, at Fabulous Mom Blog wrote a blog about their winter boots. I learned that they had been around since the 1960’s and were in fact, Canadian!  Today I want to share with you more about the company and their products.

The Story of Pajar

Pajar was founded in 1963 by Paul Golbert who came from a long family line of shoemakers. Paul was born in Paris, France and immigrated with his wife and son to Montreal in the 50’s. It was neat to see how he came up with the name, “Pajar” and how he kept the family connection strong with the name of the brand. Pajar stands for Paul, Jacques and Rachel, the names of himself, son and wife.

Paul Golbert is a pioneer in the Canadian footwear industry. He was one of the first people to import Italian, French and Spanish footwear to Canada. That is not the only first for Pajar. They were one of the first Canadian brands to export to the United States back in 1980. Fast forward to today and Pajar is now found in 40 countries all over the world. As you can see the business has come a long way from its Montreal roots!


Pajar’s first showroom opened in 1967 in Montreal and then they expanded more in 1973 with a factory opening. Pajar remains a family owned business to this day. Paul’s son, Jacques joined the company after completing his post-secondary education in 1975. Then in 2001, Paul’s grandchildren and Jacques’ children, Michel, Elise and David, joined the business.

Over the years, this family-owned and operated business has been the recipient of many awards and accolades. In 1985, they won the Canadian Footwear Association Award for Best Women’s Casual Footwear and in 1991, they won Gold for Best Children’s Winter Boots from the International Shoe Association. They were even referred to as the “Rolls Royce of Canadian boots” by Ars Sutoria, Italy’s most recognized trade magazine.

Pajar: A Canadian Company

As you can see Pajar has strong ties to family and are proud of their rich history.  They incorporate their expertise of five generations of shoemaking into the designs of their footwear and other apparel. Their goal is to provide customers with comfortable and stylish footwear and apparel that is of the highest quality.

Being a Canadian company, their designers are inspired by Canadian heritage and are always working to develop new product innovations. I think the key thing to remember here is quality. Not only do they focus on selling a fashionable and functionable product, but that quality is of the utmost importance to Pajar.

Watch this video to learn more about Pajar and their products.

Pajar Canada Heritage Premium products are manufactured in Montreal while the Pajar Sport Collections are manufactured at their production facilities in Europe and Asia. The Pajar Canada Heritage Premium includes their winter boots. The boots are 100% lined with genuine sheepskin and guaranteed to keep you warm in temperatures as low as 40°C.  The Pajar Sport collection consists of their rainboots and other outerwear.

Pajar Quality Footwear and Apparel

Pajar has a variety of footwear and other apparel to suit both men and women and not only for the winter season. Yes, they do have a large selection of winter boots, but they also offer rainboots, moccasins and performance outwear in various colours, fabrics and styles.

I was browsing around their site and made a short list of my faves!


To keep my feet dry on a rainy day, I’d love to own a pair of Portia rainboots. They are black with a crocodile pattern and look super comfy!



I had a hard time picking my favourite pair of winter boots, so I’m going to list a couple. There’s no rule written that a girl can only have one pair of boots right?

The Albany doesn’t even look like winter boots to me. They are sleek and stylish, but will still keep feet warm up to 40°C.  I like the heel and the grip on the soles so I won’t be slipping and sliding on icy sidewalks.




The Quebec would be something I’d wear to shovel the driveway or when I’m dressed more casually. They look more like the traditional winter boot I’m used to.


For John, I’d choose a pair of Carrefour boots to keep his feet warm and dry. I think the colour and style would suit his taste and I like the added touch of the Pajar emblem on the front.


Where to Buy

Pajar has a store locator to find a retailer near you. Alternatively, you can purchase Pajar products online via their website. They ship internationally and accept major credit cards and Paypal.

Check out their selection of boots and other apparel and find something that you love. It won’t be hard! I’ve bookmarked their site to re-visit when I’m ready to purchase boots for myself, John and older daughter, Olivia. Which ones are your personal favourite?

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