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I Took The Stayfree Challenge

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

I’ve never been one to wear tampons. In fact, I’ve never even tried to wear them. Pads are the only thing I wear during my period. I’ve used many brands over the last 25+ years and also ruined many pairs of panties. I even have a bunch of panties designated just for my period. And yes, they are what you might call “granny panties”. I figure why ruin a nice pair of underwear? John hates them with a passion and makes fun of me when I wear them. I told him that I was sorry but that is just the way it is. Period = Granny Panties. End of story.

I was recently contacted about taking the Stayfree® Challenge to compare Stayfree® Ultra Thin® pads with two competitor brands. The goal was to see how Stayfree® measures up when put to the “blue liquid pad test”. I was curious to see how they worked since I haven’t tried the Stayfree® Ultra Thin pads before. The results were astounding! 

Before I jump too far ahead of myself, let me walk you through the steps so you can see the results for yourself.

stayfree challenge8

My StayFree® Challenge Tool Kit had everything I needed to conduct the test in my home in a matter of minutes. 

Inside was a package of Stayfree® Ultra Thin® pads.

stayfree challenge9

It had bags containing two competitor ultra thin pad brands. The yellow one I recognized right away because that is the brand I am currently using!

stayfree challenge10

It also had three bottles with 5ml of blue saline liquid and three blotting sheets.

stayfree challenge11

Plus there was three five pound weights. 

stayfree challenge12

And finally, my Stayfree® Challenge placement sheet showing me where each pad is supposed to go.

stayfree challenge3

With all the tools neatly labelled and laid out in front of me, I started the challenge.

stayfree challenge2

I removed all three pads from the packaging and placed them with the adhesive side down on the the placement sheet. The pads look somewhat similar, but wait till you see how different they really are.

stayfree challenge4

I poured the 5ml of liquid on the centre of each pad and waited 30 seconds for the liquid to absorb.

stayfree challenge5

The next step was to add a blotting sheet to the centre of each pad and place a 5lb weight on the top of the blotting sheet.

stayfree challenge6

 After 5 seconds, I removed the weight from each of the pads. The results were revealed…..

stayfree challenge7

I was shocked! The blotting sheet on the Stayfree® Ultra Thin® pad barely registered any of the liquid! Competitor #1 was soaked right through and just a mess. Competitor #2 also had a lot of liquid come through. No wonder so many of my panties are ruined! 

The Stayfree® Challenge made me a believer and I’m going to switch and give them a try for my next cycle. The challenge showed me what they can do and I’m more than ready to retire the granny panties. I’ll be throwing them where they belong….in the trash! Of course, I’ll wrap them in a plastic bag so no one will ever have to see the horror that’s inside! 


Good riddance granny panties! John will now have to find something else to tease me about. 

If you want to see the Stayfree® Challenge in action, watch this video. It shows the entire process from start to finish including the amazing results!

Good-bye Granny Panties

I took an oath to get rid of my granny panties for GOOD! You can too if you like!


If you live in the area of any of these upcoming events, you can go and get a free sample of Stayfree® pads. Also starting on June 15th, when you buy new panties from Beyond the Rack, you’ll receive a free package of Stayfree® pads delivered with your order. I know where I’ll be shopping as soon as we get to our new home in Ontario!

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