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Give Dad the Gift of Single Jo Coffee for Father’s Day #HugYourDad

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I look forward to that first sip of my morning cup of coffee every day. Within 5 minutes of walking up, you’ll hear me plodding down the stairs half asleep, of course, and fixing myself a cup of coffee in my Keurig. By the time it’s ready, I’m a little more awake, but don’t talk to me just yet. I need to at least get half a cup in me before I’m fully conscious. I cannot function without my coffee. It’s the one thing I will never give up.

Last month, I was introduced to Single Jo Coffee when they were running their #MomsWisdom Mother’s day promotion. They carry a wide range of coffee from roasters worldwide and are also known for their eco-friendly packaging.

I filled out my coffee profile and discovered I’m a Guru. They recommended light roast blends for me. 

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to try my first cup of Single Jo Coffee. They sent me a variety of blends they thought I’d like based on my coffee profile as well as this funky new mug. The mug was a hit on my personal Facebook profile and my friends were asking me where they could get one too.

 Things are extremely hectic right now for me with our move and this delivery couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been fueling myself with coffee as I run around like a crazy woman finalizing all the last minute details. 

singlejo coffee1

So far my favourite is Sunrise in Paradise, a light-medium roast blend of South and Central American coffee. 

singlejo coffee2

Here’s a better look at what each K-cup looks like. It has an easy-flow filter design and you can really smell the delicious aroma of coffee coming through when you open the package. It smells amazing.

singlejo coffee3

It’s hot, fresh and soothing to my fired up nerves. I like to take just a moment and enjoy it before getting busy with life again. 

singlejo coffee4

 And the cup! The cup is something isn’t it? Single Jo Coffee even personalized it with my Twitter handle. 

singlejo coffee5

I’ll be sad when they come to pack my Keurig (and all my Single Jo Coffee). However, I know I’ll get to enjoy it on the other end and I’m sure I will NEED it….probably more than I do now!

#HugYourDad Father’s Day Sale

Single Jo Coffee is having a special Father’s Day promotion! Save 15% when you order 6 or more boxes with the coupon code: DADROCKS


The Ultimate Coffee Twitter Party

You’re invited to The Ultimate Coffee Twitter Party on June 12th at 9pm EST!

singlejo twitter party

Party Details

Visit Shasher’s Life to RSVP to let them know you are coming and be eligible for prizes. You know you want one of those mugs! Grab a cuppa and join in the fun.

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