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Lakeshore Learning Are You Ready? Game Shows Review

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

My children are excited to be finishing up our home school year and will be completing 3rd grade, 1st grade and kindergarten. Over the summer break, I believe that it is very important to keep my children learning but we like to put a fun twist on traditional book work. In my opinion, continued learning is a great way to be ready for them to start their new school year prepared and with less frustration because they forgot everything over the summer months.

Lakeshore Learning-Are You Ready? Game Shows Review

Lakeshore Learning has come up with a brilliant way engage my children with a fun approach to learning that is exciting and has high educational value. Are You Ready? Game Shows are a comprehensive way to determine if the child will be ready for the upcoming school year. Featuring grade levels from kindergarten through the 5th grade, Are You Ready? Game Show is an exceptional learning grade that focuses on important language and math skills necessary for school success. Each game includes a durable game stand with a discard tray for “correct” and “incorrect” answers, 240 playing cards, play money, reward coupons, score trackers and higher levels such as 4th grade include a passage booklet. With each grade level it is like you are getting six games in one because you and your child will answer a series of questions for each game which you can then track on the score trackers. Once all of the six games are completed then the results can be tallied and entered online so it will display the results. It will then give a free online assessment instantly which can help to determine areas that need extra attention. We recently had the opportunity to play two of these award-winning games including Are You Ready for 4th Grade? and Are You Ready for 2nd Grade? Game shows together. I was extremely pleased with the educational content and entertainment value of these two games and it was an even bigger hit with my children who loved the game show theme.

Lakeshore Learning-Are You Ready? Game Shows Review

In the Are You Ready for 4th Grade? Game Show, my son was the contestant and I was the game show host. He would select a question from the game stand choosing from categories including language, math and “challenge” questions each one with a specific monetary denomination. If he answers the question correctly, he receives that amount in play money. I then mark whether or not the question was answered correctly or incorrectly on the score tracker and that question is placed in the discard area. After completing one game, he adds his money together and can earn a reward coupon towards a reward or prize of my choice. There are five additional games to play and I will then be able to get feedback via the instant online assessment. I really appreciate that Lakeshore Learning has clear, easy to follow play instructions and that the game play itself is flexible so the parent can choose how and when to play. For example, I have chosen to give Adam an incentive each time we play so that if he earns a combined monetary value he can choose a small prize from a “Star Student’ box that I always have on hand with fun trinkets. If he answers questions incorrectly, I explain to him how to answer it correctly and put those questions back into the mix of new questions for the next game. My plan is to play this game as often as the children would like but at a minimum of once every other week throughout the summer break. I really like the questions which are challenging but not overly frustrating for the child to solve. In fact, Adam was beaming with pride when he got an answer correctly but became determined if he did not understand a problem, wanting to figure out how to solve it. Once he has completed all six of the games and I complete the online assessment process, Lakeshore Learning will provide us with FREE printable activities and even give me additional product recommendations to consider which will address any areas that need extra attention.

Lakeshore Learning-Are You Ready? Game Shows Review

Are You Ready for 2nd Grade was equally popular with my six and seven year old children. My kindergartner begged me to allow him to play too and with a few minor adaptions to the game he did great just like his older sister! They particularly enjoyed the wide range of questions which are presented in an interactive, engaging format. I appreciated being able to watch them both use their problem solving abilities in order to answer questions presented in a way that perhaps they were not yet familiar.

As a parent, especially one who has taken on the responsibility to homeschool my children, I often have wondered if I was doing enough and whether or not my children would be ready for the next grade level. With resources such as the Are You Ready For? Game Show from Lakeshore Learning, I no longer have to wonder and can simple play this game with my children to find out how we are doing!

You are invited to visit Lakeshore Learning to purchase the Are You Ready For? Game Show that is the correct grade level for your child and browse all of the additional resources that are available for learning year round.

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