Comfort Measures #MomTrust

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Whether it be a good book, hot cup of coffee or even my spot on the couch, it’s those little things that bring me joy. John, for example, has his “special pillow” that he cannot sleep without. It’s an old ratty thing that he has had for 35+ years. He told me it used to be his baby blanket, but it was all ripped up so his mom made it into a pillow. I would never dream of throwing it away though since he is so attached to it.

I had a special toy growing up. He was a Care Bear Cousin whom I named, “Mr. Raccoon”. My grandfather bought it for me one year when he was in town. I never really knew him growing up and I’m not sure why this stuffed animal became so important to me. Maybe it was because I didn’t have much of a relationship with my grandfather? Anyways, I still have Mr. Raccoon to this day, but he is on a shelf in my closet. I can’t bear to part with him, but don’t need to sleep with him at night like John and his pillow.

My oldest daughter, Olivia, had a special toy. He was a stuffed elephant that my ex-husband’s mother bought her when she was a baby. We called him “Snuzzles”. Olivia brought Snuzzles with her everywhere. Not only did she need Snuzzles to sleep with her every night in her crib, but he also came along on trips. I made sure to always remember to bring him because I knew that Olivia would not be a happy baby without her favourite toy.

Comfort Measures #MomTrust

When I would check on her sleeping in her crib, she’d always have Snuzzles cradled in her arms. She’s almost 16 now and doesn’t need Snuzzles to fall asleep, but still keeps him in her room like I do with Mr. Raccoon.

Comfort Measures #MomTrust

My youngest daughter, Bridget, had a mobile attached to the side of her crib that played soothing music and sounds of the ocean. It was our little ritual that after her nightly feeding, I would put her down in the crib and turn on her mobile. When she heard the lullaby playing, she knew it was time to go to bed. We took it off her crib once she was able to stand up. I really do believe it helped her to fall asleep and I think she took comfort into the soft, gentle music and lights.

One thing Olivia and Bridget had in common was their love of pacifiers. We called them “sousies”. Olivia outgrew hers when she was about three years old and Bridget was a bit younger when she gave hers up. Playtex has a variety of pacifiers including OrthoPro, Binky and accesssories.

What brings you or your children comfort?

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