Book Review | The Book of David


  1. Jennifer Lachman Reply

    Thanks for the review. Diverse books are hard to find even today when most people are accepting of it.

  2. Jo-Ann Brightman Reply

    If a book like this is well written it really makes you feel all the “angst” of the main character. This sounds like a good book to read for anyone

  3. Could be an interesting read, but I have read many a book on high school kids and their secrets they are trying to hide. Why would he sign his book, “Anonymous” instead of John Smith or whatever. Back in my day there were several “Heart Gripping” secrets written by “Anonymous.” I lived through some of those girls, only to discover that they all were written by (older) men (was 30 years later) 🙁 Thank You for your review.

  4. Thanks for the great review,sounds like an interesting story

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