Tooth Fairy Book Kit Review

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

My three children who are ages 6, 7 and 9 get so excited for the Tooth Fairy to visit whenever they lose a tooth. I try to make it a creative experience while still following tradition therefore I was very excited to discover the Tooth Fairy Chronicles, Books 1 & 2. This exciting keepsake storybook for boys and girls makes losing a tooth more fun than ever because it allows children to document these treasured moments in a tooth fairy journal complete lots of different activities.

The Tooth Fairy Book Kits (SRP $38.95) which features the Tooth Fairy Chronicles, Books 1 & 2 and a “I Lost A Tooth” color-in t-shirt plus a coordinating bag is a must-have set for every little boy and girl. We received one kit for my six year old son, Jacob (who had just lost his second tooth) and one for my seven year old daughter, Hannah. The books and shirts arrived in a blue and purple drawstring pouch to store these treasures in.

Tooth Fairy Book Kit Review

I was very impressed with the quality and content of the hardcover edition of The Tooth Fairy Chronicles, Books 1 & 2. This oversized book is a treasure trove of tooth related stories and activities. Written and illustrated by Tina Cambio, the book features Tallulah the Tooth Fairy who will turn lost teeth into something very special for the lucky child. I enjoyed the storyline and especially the illustrations which are whimsical and fun. Jacob loved having me read the story aloud to him before going to sleep that night as he was eagerly awaiting the Tooth Fairy. Both of my children loved the activities such as decorating each lost tooth in the storybook and especially enjoyed coloring the lost tooth on their t-shirt. There is even an activity where Jacob and Hannah can make a tooth pouch by using the template in the book over and over again. I personally found the section showing the name/location of both primary and permanent teeth fascinating as I reviewed which teeth they have all lost with my children.

Tooth Fairy Book Kit Review

What we love the most about the Tooth Fairy Chronicles, Books 1 & 2 is that it promotes an interactive experience that is fun for parents and the child. It makes this special event even more magical and I loved watching as Jacob colored in his missing tooth on his t-shirt….. he was beaming with pride. I like that the t-shirt has grow-with me sizing so while it is large now….Jacob can wear it as a nightshirt and with each tooth lost it will fit better and better over time. In fact, he wore it to sleep that night so the Tooth Fairy would be able to “see it” during her visit and refused to take it off without lots of coaxing the next morning….he just loves it!

My kids and I love the Tooth Fairy Kit which includes the Tooth Fairy Chronicles, Books 1 & 2 (combined into one jumbo hardcover book), the tooth t-shirt and the “Make a Wish” bag. There are other purchasing options available too so you are invited to visit the Banana Peel Press website to find the perfect special gift. If you are looking for the most creative baby shower gift then this is it! It would also be perfect for a 1st birthday or even for older kids like mine who think that it is great.


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