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Modere The Clean Collection Review

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

When my daughter, Hannah was diagnosed with severe respiratory issues years ago we made the commitment to use household cleaning products without harsh chemicals. It was an adjustment because the products we initially purchased didn’t seem to do as good a job as the brands we had been using previously. Thankfully, non-toxic cleaning products have made huge steps forward recently and brands like Modere have actually exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and performance.

Modere has a full line of household cleaning products that use naturally derived ingredients that perform without phosphates, dyes, chlorine and NPE. I love that I can be assured that I am keeping my home clean without exposing my family to harsh chemicals to do it. The Modere household collection includes laundry detergent pods, dishwasher detergent pods and multi-purpose cleaning wipes. I was very excited to try The Clean Collection ($31.99/SRP $35) which includes one of each of these three full-sized product. It was a wonderful way to try this product line for the first time and I can’t wait to check out additional products from Modere such as the personal care line, health & wellness and more.

The Modere Dishwasher Pods ($14.99) are extraordinary because it performed so well from our first use. I simply added one pod into the dispenser and my dishes and glasses came out perfectly clean. I like how convenient it is to use the pods because there is no guess work as to whether or not I have added the correct amount of cleaner. Recently, my husband and I had been complaining that the natural dishwashing detergent we had been using was leaving residue and spots on our dishes. This product removed all of that and our dishes and glasses looked brand new again. The wonderful aroma of Red Pear with Magnolia permeated the kitchen from the steam when I opened the door after the cycle was complete to let the dishes dry naturally. If you do not wish to have a scented product there is also the option to purchase fragrance free pods. I absolutely love this product….in fact, I was recently gushing about it to my neighbor and plan to stock up!

Modere The Clean Collection Review

I am just as pleased with the Modere Laundry Pods (SRP $13.49) which smell absolutely amazing with the fresh scent of vanilla and lavender. I love that the 32 pods come in a small container so there is less waste and it save space. Using this product makes it easier than ever to have fresh, clean clothes, towels and bedding. This product is naturally derived and hypoallergenic so even with the fragrance it does not irritate my daughter’s asthma or eczema. There is no chlorine and no chemicals and yet my clothes come out looking very clean. Our sheets were so soft as there is no residues left behind and my husband immediately noticed the wonderful light scent that was obvious and yet not overpowering. It is so easy to use this product as I just toss one pod into my washing machine and start the cycle. It can be used in hot or cold water (I normally use warm water). I have an HE machine and it can also be used in standard washing machines too.

Modere The Clean Collection Review

This afternoon, my husband came into the kitchen and asked if I was cutting up lemons. I laughed and informed him that I had just wiped down all the counter surfaces with the Modere Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes (SRP $6.99 for a 40 count container) which has a fresh lemon scent. I rely on these for quick clean up jobs as the pre-moistened wipes effectively clean up messes in both the kitchen and the bathroom. The wipes are surprisingly durable and moist. I have even wet these again as needed in order to reuse and it worked great! This is such an easy way to clean up quickly and without needing a ton of cleaning supplies. I love it!

Modere The Clean Collection Review

Are you starting your spring cleaning? You are invited to visit Modere to purchase The Clean Collection which I highly recommend and it will save you money or you can purchase any of the products individually if you prefer. If all of the other product lines from Modere have the same quality and performance then I can’t wait to check those out too! Modere is perfect for busy women who want safe, high quality products that are easy to use and will save you time and money!

You are invited to visit Modere to purchase The Clean Collection and browse the entire product line. Be sure to use the code: 376186 upon checkout to receive $10 to $25 off your first order! 


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