The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook Review

lucky11*I received a copy of this book for review, but was not compensated financially in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based solely on my experiences while reading this book.*

Title: The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook

Author: Jackie Collins

About the Book:

Bold, wildly beautiful, and totally her own woman, Lucky Santangelo needs no introduction. The sizzling, glamorous, sometimes dangerous daughter of former gangster Gino, Lucky is the most popular character in Jackie Collins’s wild world of lust, intrigue, violence, and redemption. A true Italian/American woman of the world, Lucky likes to shake it up in the kitchen—from traditional Italian dishes to sumptuous desserts, and crazy cocktails.

The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook features the kind of bold and audacious flavors that characterize Lucky herself. From zesty meatballs to sweet and spicy spare ribs, this book is packed with recipes suitable for everything from big family dinners to lavish cocktail parties to romantic dinners for two. The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook is certain to broaden any home cook’s repertoire in new and excitingly delicious directions.

Fully illustrated and peppered throughout with fun and delightfully provocative scenes written just for this book, readers will enjoy seeing Lucky—and Jackie—in action. So—if you want a little taste of Lucky Santangelo in your life—get into the kitchen and start getting Lucky!

My Review: 

The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook brought me back to the early 90s. At age 12, I started reading my mom’s copies of Jackie Collins’ Chances and Lucky on the sly. I hid out in my bedroom reading and hoping she wouldn’t come in and catch me. She would have never let me read them since they have some adult content that wasn’t appropriate for my tween eyes. Lucky was my favourite character and I thought wouldn’t it be great to grow up and be like her. She’s strong, powerful, rich and fun. I even told my friends that I wanted to name my first baby girl, Lucky. 

Lucky and her family and friends are still going strong and Jackie Collins’ has come out with many more Lucky Santangelo novels over the years. The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook is a wonderful addition to my cookbook collection. Whether you’re a fan of Lucky’s or not, it’s a cookbook that any foodie can enjoy. 

Luvky is Italian-American and the cookbook showcases many traditional Italian dishes. The recipes are sophisticated with many combinations of flavours I would have never thought of, but sound delicious. The very first chapter is Cocktails and even includes a recipe called The Jackie Collins, by Wolfgang Puck! There’s also Appetizers, Pasta Appetizers, Entrees, Delicious Side Dishes, Incredible Sauces and Delectable Desserts.

I’ve marked down quite a few recipes to try including Gino’s Favorite Pesto Pizza, Fettuccine with Clams and Chorizo, Zucchini Boats, Lucky’s Luscious Meatballs, Cheesy Cauliflower Gratin and Butterscotch Pie. Don’t read on an empty stomach because you will get hungry looking at all these fabulous recipes!

Another thing I wanted to mention that I thought was pretty neat is how some of the recipes have copy from the books where the recipe was mentioned. You can eat the dishes that your favourite characters dined on in the books. 

I’m glad to see Jackie Collins is still writing novels (and now cookbooks!) and I think I’ll have to read her books again now that I’m much older. I can’t wait to try out her recipes too!

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