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Remnants*I received a copy of this book for review, but was not compensated financially in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based solely on my experiences while reading this book.*

Title: Remnants: Season of Wonder (A Remnants Novel)

Author: Lisa T. Bergren


Our coming was foretold by the elders— Those who would change the future, just as the planet teetered on the edge of darkness. Born on the prophesied day with birthmarks in the form of a crescent moon, they knew us immediately. Swaddled and screaming, we were spirited away by those who hid us, trained us, and kept us safe until our time came. They poured their lives into us. Some died to save us. And now we, the Remnants, protected by Knights of the Last Order, have gathered. Called until we breathe our last … to save the world.

My Review

This is the first book in a series and I am eager to continue the story with the next book, Remnants: Season of Fire when it comes out in the Fall. That being said, there are some things about the book that bothered me.

First off, the synopsis is very vague. It said enough to peak my interest and I figured that it would be more clear once I started reading the book. Unfortunately, after finishing I still have so many questions. I wish there had been more history shared, more of who exactly the elders are, who the war was between, how each of these nations were created, who The Maker is, what religion does he stem off of? The problem is this is classified as a dystopian. That means that it takes place in a bleak future from our current time. However, it feels like a fantasy with whole new cultures and magic and even the landscape feels foreign and different. I have no problem with this in general. I thought the world Bergren created was amazing, but then she’d throw in things that still existed from our time and it completely pulled me out of the fantasy world that she had created. They would drive dirt bikes and Jeeps and eat canned corn and shoot guns. It felt so different from the world that they lived in. Having a history would have helped that. Instead they just felt like two very different places meshed into one.

That, however, was my only problem with the book and I’m hoping more of that is addressed as the series continues. The characters are rich and Bergren really does have a way with creating a visual world. They do a lot of traveling, but Bergren keeps it brisque, getting them to their next destination quickly unless there is something that they come across along the way. Some people might not like that, but with so much distance to cover I was grateful we didn’t spend too much time with them on mudhorses being on alert for trackers.

The story is shared from the perspective of Andriana, one of the Ailith. I love that even though she has faith in The Maker, she is still human and still has curiosity and she can see the grey when the others just see black and white. I think this is going to make for an interesting second book.


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