Celebrate the World’s Toughest Job #WorldsToughestJob

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cardstore. 

Being a mom is the easiest job in the world…..said no one ever. In fact, I think most moms can attest that being a mom is challenging and even exhausting at times. It’s hard work! However, there is no job as rewarding and it makes all the trying times so worth it. There is no love in the world as strong as a mother’s love for her child. 

When I think back to my childhood, I know for a fact that I tested my mother’s patience many times. I was an overly sensitive child who was also very stubborn. It was my way or the highway so to speak. I remember throwing violent temper tantrums when I didn’t get my own way. My mom always responded with kindness and firmness and never lost her cool. 

Here’s a picture of my sisters and I. That’s me on the left with the dark hair (in my mouth!?).

Celebrate the World's Toughest Job #WorldsToughestJob

The childhood me thought there wasn’t anything my mom could do. She cooked, cleaned and kept our household running, but she also did lots of extras for my sisters and I too. My mom would make our Halloween costumes every year. My classmates were envious of the creativity of her creations. 

My mom was a chauffeur and drove me to school almost every day so I wouldn’t have to walk the long trek to the bus stop. She’d make my lunch and put funny jokes inside to make me smile. Most of all, she was there for me when I needed someone to talk to. She listened and always gave sound advice.

Celebrate the World's Toughest Job

Now that I’m a mom of two girls, I know why my mom went the extra mile for my sisters and I. Words cannot express how much I love my daughters and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them. That isn’t to say that it isn’t easy dealing with the trials of motherhood! I thought my daughter, Olivia, would never be potty-trained. I tried for months and months to get her interested in using the potty with no luck. She was almost 4 years old and still using her pull-up diapers. 

Celebrate the World's Toughest Job

I talked to my mom about the trouble I was having and what she told me made me relax a little. She said, “Stacie, she won’t be going to college still in diapers so don’t worry. It will happen!”. I let Olivia take the lead and within a few months of her fourth birthday, she was using the toilet (not the potty) on her own. The difference was night and day. One day she was in diapers and the next day she wasn’t. She’s almost 16 now and my mom was right (again!)

Celebrate the World's Toughest Job #WorldsToughestJob  

World’s Toughest Job

American Greetings hit the nail on the head with this video, “World’s Toughest Job”. It’s done in a way that makes you realize just how much work being a mom entails. They created a job posting for Director of Operations for the company “Rethom Inc”, which is “mother” spelled in reverse. The job description outlined everything that a mom would do, but without revealing what kind of job it really was. They advertised extensively and had over 2.7MM impressions! Despite all the reach and effort, they had only 24 enquiries into the job posting. Give it a watch and let me know what you think! If you think they’ve left anything out, make sure to add it onto the job description on the Cardstore blog.

Celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is fast approaching and I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out a meaningful way to honour my mom. Calling her is a given since we talk everyday as it is, but I want to do something extra nice for her that will make her smile and brighten her day. Cardstore, the popular custom greeting card website from American Greetings, is thinking along those same lines. They are encouraging people to take that extra step to celebrate mom. A personalized card is the perfect way to show mom how much you appreciate her.

Celebrate the World's Toughest Job #WorldsToughestJob

On you can easily create custom Mother’s day cards by adding your own photos, personalized message and signature. They’ll print, stamp and even send the card for you! Pretty neat right?

I looked through the wide selection of Mother’s day cards and settled on my favourite. I added a picture of my two daughters to the front. My mom will love it because she doesn’t get to see the girls as much as she would like to since we live so far away. 

Celebrate the World's Toughest Job #WorldsToughestJob

I added in a personal message from the heart and signed it from the girls and I. You can customize the font, colour and size to suit your preferences. 

Celebrate the World's Toughest Job #WorldsToughestJob

I know my mom will cherish the card and I hope it conveys my gratitude for all she’s done for me and my girls.

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How do you plan to celebrate Mother’s day this year?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cardstore.

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