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Playtex Twist ‘n Click PlayTime Spout Cup Review #MomTrust

I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

There are two big problems in my house. One is the sippy cup that always goes missing in action just when we need it. The other, larger problem, is when I eventually find that sippy cup sitting on my couch with a large puddle growing on the upholstery. Always lovely. Judging by all the results for “How to get milk stains out of upholstery” that Google returns, I am not the only one faced with this issue.

Playtex felt our collective pain and redesigned their cups with enhanced Twist ‘n Click™ technology which features an audible click that lets you know you’ve achieved the perfect seal. Playtex even guarantees that these cups are all 100% spill-proof, break-proof and leak-proof. Just twist on the lid and wait for the loud click so you know the lid is secure.

They also understood just how busy moms and babies can get so they made sure they came up with a line of occasion based cups . The line includes:

  • TrainingTime™ – Designed for young children 4m+, this cup helps them transition from bottle to sippy cup with removable handles for training and development.
  • AnyTime™ – Created for kids 9m+, Anytime™ cups are perfect for little hands, and kids can easily control the flow of liquids.
  • PlayTime™ – Made for children 12m+, these cups are insulated to keep drinks cold and have a sliding lid that helps keep the straw clean.
  • TravelTime™ – Developed for 24m+, TravelTime™ 12oz. cups hold more liquid and are built to keep drinks cool for twice as long.

Playtex® Twist ‘n Click™ PlayTime Spout Cup Review #MomTrust

We were sent the Playtex® Twist ‘n Click™ PlayTime Spout Cup to check out. It is also available with a straw if your child prefers that, Keira doesn’t really seem to have a preference. We already have the TrainingTime and AnyTime cup from this line so I already knew we would love the PlayTime cup.

Playtex® Twist ‘n Click™ PlayTime Spout Cup Review #MomTrust

The PlayTime Spout cup is made for children over a year old and are easy for little hands to hold. Keira loves the fun design on her playtime cup and it is the most requested out of her cups because of it.

The Playtex Twist ‘n Click cups also take care of a problem I never realized I had until they solved it. The cups do come in a variety of different lid options (Straw or Spout) but the lids are completely interchangeable which means less struggle trying to match up the right lid with the right cup. That’s it! I’m throwing out all my other sippy cups!

Playtex® Twist ‘n Click™ PlayTime Spout Cup Review #MomTrust

The Playtex® Twist ‘n Click™ PlayTime Spout Cup also actually manage to solve most of the problems created by the sippy cup that gets misplaced during play. It features double wall insulation so her water or juice is kept cold far longer and I never find a puddle underneath it. It’s just too bad they haven’t installed GPS in the cups for easier retrieval.

The Playtex® Twist ‘n Click™ cups are available at all major retailers across Canada for a suggested retail price of $6.99 for 1-packs and $10.99 for 2-packs.

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