The Importance of Online Protection #ProtectwithNorton

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I’ve personally seen what happens to a computer without virus protection and it isn’t pretty. John’s old desktop computer had no protection on it and it ruined his computer in my opinion. His computer had pop-ups galore, ads in places they shouldn’t be and even sometimes it would redirect him to a completely different page than the one he wanted to go to. Plus, his computer was extremely slow. I never used it because I didn’t trust what it would do to my information. I wouldn’t even check my email on it let alone make a purchase. He could have saved himself so many headaches had he just purchased Norton protection like I told him to do!

In fact, I recently updated all my computers with Norton Internet Security within the last month. I do everything online from blogging, banking, shopping and more so I want to make sure my computer is as safe and secure as possible. Norton has always been a brand I trusted so it was a no-brainer that they were my first choice when I was shopping for online protection.


I also just got my parents set up with Norton and educated them a bit on online scams out there. It seems everytime I open my email I have at least one or two waiting for me.  Lately I’ve noticed quite a few phishing scams from Paypal telling me there’s a problem with my account. I know never to click the link in the email and I can pretty much spot a fake when I see it. If I need to check my Paypal, I will type in the address myself.

I wish I would have known about when I purchased Norton Internet Security last month! They have some great deals for Norton by Symantec. I would have taken advantage of the Norton Internet Security 2014 for $79.99 for one year. That’s a great price for peace of mind.

How do you protect yourself online?

Stacie Vaughan

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