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Guillow’s Toy Airplanes Review & Giveaway (US)

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

My nine year old son and his father recently enjoyed working together to build several new models from the modernized airplane kits available at Guillow’s. If you missed my review for that wonderful product line then you can learn more about Guillow’s Classic Balsa Toy Airplanes by checking out my earlier review for Simply Stacie readers.

Adding to the excitement is that Guillow’s also has a large selection of toy airplane kits that are easy to build and attractively priced for virtually every budget. My six year old son and seven year old daughter were thrilled to learn that they too could also build and fly their very own toy airplanes with adult supervision (as it is recommended for ages 8 and up due to some small parts). These kits were so easy to assemble taking from 5 to 10 minutes at most to complete each airplane and best of all there is no need for glue so that translates to no messy clean-up for mom!

Guillow’s Toy Airplanes Review

For those who like foam airplanes there are several kits to choose from including the Sky Raider (SRP $6.99) and the Delta Dart Flyers (SRP $3.99). The Sky Raider is a best-selling foam glider that is very easy to assemble. It is so light-weight yet durable that even my youngest children could fly it with confidence. After a few first attempts, they jumped up and down while shouting with joy as the Sky Raider took off for the first flight. They have been flying this glider over and over again and it has held together surprisingly well as it lands gently onto the grass. My older son, Adam thought it was an exciting challenge to practice tossing the Sky Raider airplane up in the air in a certain way in order for it to make a looping flight. The Delta Dart Flyers are another fun foam toy airplane for my husband (ahem, “the kids”) because it is a set of two small “jets” that catch the wind perfectly for an exciting friendly competition race. Finally, the Space Shuttle (SRP $7.19) is a personal favorite since we live near the Space Coast in Florida. This is a catapult launched high flying glider that is a TON of fun for both kids and grown-ups. I absolutely loved playing with this toy with my family.

Guillow’s Toy Airplanes Review

Guillow’s Toy Airplanes Review

My beginning builders had fun creating several toy balsa gliders including the Jetstream (SRP $3.59), the Eagle (SPR $1.79) and the Sky Streak (SRP $3.09). Adam (my nine year old) enjoyed building the Jetstream which has a 13 ¼” wing span that comes with a formed wire landing gear, plastic propeller and nose bearing. This colorful toy motor plane is often used as a contest flyer and my son loved seeing how far he could fly this plane by hand-launching it into the air and measuring the landing. It can even be launched right from the ground which he did but it took a bit of practice which he was happy to do over and over again since it was so much fun. I appreciate that he had tons of fun at such a small price for this great toy. The Eagle Balsa Glider is very lightweight, easy to build and my youngest children and my husband had a friendly competition to see who could fly it the furthest distance…..this plane can really soar!

Guillow’s Toy Airplanes Review

I really love how a simple, inexpensive yet brilliantly designed toy can be so much fun and inspirational for kids (and adults). It is obvious why Guillow’s has been in business for over 80 years…..they have succeeded by consistently designing a quality product line that is affordable and exciting for everyone! You are invited to visit Guillow’s website to learn more about all of the toy airplanes and kits available and you can purchase online at as well as many hobby shops throughout North America.

Guillow’s Toy Airplanes Review

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