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emzone Automotive Care Spring Cleaning

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Spring cleaning my house is a no-brainer for me. It’s something I do every year and I actually enjoy the process. I love when the house is clean, fresh, organized and clutter-free. My car on the other hand is another story. I’ve decided enough is enough. I need to make cleaning my vehicle a priority this Spring.

I’ve got no excuses anymore. I have a my arsenal of emzone Automotive care products ready and I need to get outside on a sunny day and just do it!

I’ve been using emzone Automotive care products for awhile now and have always been impressed with the job they’ve done. Check out my past review to see how well they work and look at how shiny my car is? I’m determined to restore it to that glorious state of clean.

Today I wanted to share with you some info about six emzone products that will get your vehicle looking  (and smelling) fabulous!

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emzone Waterless Wash & Wax: Wash your vehicle without water! Yes, it’s possible! That’s how I wash mine now right in my driveway. emzone Waterless Wash & Wax gets the job done in just two easy steps. Spray and wipe and then finish off with a buff. It uses a Carnauba Wax formula that offers a superior shine and protection. It even protects against UV rays and repels dirt and dust. My windshield always has bug splatter in the summer and this easily removes it.

emzone Carpet & Upholstery Foaming Cleaner: Get rid of the remnants of winter on the interior of your vehicle. This handy product quickly cleans carpets, fabric and vinyl with a deep cleaning foam. It gently lifts and removes the stain, dirt, etc without saturating. You don’t have to wait forever for it to dry either. It dries quickly and doesn’t leave a residue. I use it on the floor mats, carpet and our upholstery.

emzone Ultimate Shine: Beautify, renew and protect your vinyl, leather, rubber and plastic surfaces. I use it on my car dashboard to clean the dust and dirt. I like that it has the UV anti-static formula that repels dust and protects against UV rays.

emzone Foaming Tire Shine: With this product you spray and walk away. It cleans, shines and protects your tires without any effort on your part. You don’t have to wipe or scrub and it leaves your tires with a gorgeous high gloss finish.

emzone Rim Cleaner: Finish the job with clean rims. This product cleans and dissolves brake dust, road grim, grease and dirt. My rims looked 100x better after I was done.

emzone Microfibre Cleaning Cloth: These are the only kind of cloths I use on my vehicle. They can also be used to clean electronics too. They won’t leave scratches or streaks and machine washable. My suggestion is to buy a bunch of these because you’ll use them all the time.

Visit emzone to learn more about these products and see the other products that they offer. Click Where to Buy to find a retailer that carries emzone products near you.

Is Spring cleaning your vehicle on your to-do list?

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