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Easter Memories #EasterDealsHunt

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I remember the excitement I used to feel each Easter morning. My sisters and I would wake up to an Easter egg hunt and it would be a competition to see who could find the most chocolate eggs. Our Easter bunny was very clever and hid them in hard to find spots. In fact, I remember finding eggs a few months down the road. Perhaps our bunny was a little too clever?

After the Easter Egg hunt, we would check out our gifts displayed on the couch. Normally there would be a variety of chocolate bunnies, eggs, toys and an Easter outfit. My sister, Laura, is 22 months younger than me, but we were close to the same size as kids. My mom always bought us matching outfits. We would have to try them on and model them.

easter outfits1

My girls in their new Easter outfits.

The rest of the day we would be playing with our new toys until it was time for Easter dinner. My Grandma June usually came down from her home in Erinsville, ON to join us for the occasion. My mom would either make turkey with all the fixin’s or an Easter ham. She would also always make her famous butterscotch meringue pie.

Fast forward to today and we do the same Easter traditions today with my girls. They hunt for eggs, receive a few gifts and get a new Easter outfit. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to replicate my mom’s famous pie, but I have a few of my own recipes up my sleeve that my family enjoys.

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