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Playtex Bottle & Nipple Gift Set Review

I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

Any experienced mom can tell you just how picky and individual babies can be right from the start. Especially when it comes to feeding. Different babies like different nipple types and the challenge of trying to find just the right combination or nipple and bottle can get expensive. This goes for dealing with newborns as well as trying to introduce bottles to a breastfed baby for a little bit of mommy freedom.

Playtex has a smart solution for new and expecting parents with their new Bottle & Nipple Gift Set. The set will help new parents find the system that works best for their unique little baby. It also makes a pretty great baby shower gift!

Playtex Bottle & Nipple Gift Set Review #MomTrust

The gift set includes a 6 oz VentAire Bottle with NaturaLatch silicone nipple, a 4 oz Nurser with a silicone nipple, 5 drop-ins liners and 4 distinct silicone nipples. It comes in both low flow for newborns and medium flow for infants over 3 months. It is the perfect starter set that is sure to make getting the right fit a cinch!

The four distinct silicone nipples types included are NaturaLatch, Breastlike Shape, Full Sized and Angled. The nipples are as unique as your own baby and allows you to match their unique feeding style right from the start.

Breastlike Shape: This nipple features a sloped area around the nipple that mimics the shape of the breast.

Fullsized: This nipple was developed for wider mouths and mimics large size nipples.

Naturalatch: This nipple was designed to be most like a mother’s breast. It features a raised, textured area that is like the breast and is designed to promote latch-on.

Angled: This nipple promotes upright feeding which can help in reducing ear infections.

Although I have been successfully breastfeeding Ava it is nice to get a break now and then and let Daddy bond with her over a bottle of expressed milk. We first introduced the bottle to her a few weeks ago and were able to try out the different Playtex nipples with her. It was clear from the start as to what she liked and absolutely hated. The nipple selection from Playtex included in the gift set really made finding our fit as hassle free as possible

The nipples are all designed to work with Playtex VentAire or Nurser with Drop-Ins Liners so you also have the choice of bottle style that best fits your needs. The VentAire bottles are designed for use at home and to reduce gas, colic and spit-up through a unique venting system in the bottom of the bottle that helps to keep air out of the milk. The Playtex Nurser with Drop-Ins Liners are designed for on the go – just drop in the pre-sterilized disposable liners for a clean bottle at anytime and anywhere.

Skip trial and error and find the perfect fit for your perfectly unique baby with the bottle and nipple gift set. Once you’ve found the perfect combination for your lifestyle and baby you can then stock up on the right products from Playtex.

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Playtex Bottle & Nipple Gift Set Review