My Feeding Experience with My Two Girls #MomTrust

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I became a mother for the first time at age 20. To say I had no clue what to expect is a complete understatement. I really had no idea about anything and relied on the advice of my family, friends and health care providers. I intended to breastfeed because that was heavily promoted in my prenatal classes and at the hospital. I aimed to breastfeed my baby exclusively for at least 6 months.

My Experience Breast and Bottlefeeding Olivia

Olivia was born in July 1998 and was a healthy 9 lb 10 oz bundle of joy. I had some complications after her delivery and was kept in the hospital with her for an extra four days. During that time, I started to breastfeed her. Well, I tried to breastfeed, but it wasn’t working that well. Olivia was having difficulty latching on. 

The doctor discovered she was tongue tied. This occurs when there’s an extra bit of skin under the tongue and causes the baby to have problems sucking. The lactation nurse at the hospital said it was common and all I would need is a nipple shield to help Olivia with her latch. 

I hated using the nipple shield. I had a hard time getting it to stay on and Olivia still seemed to struggle with feeding. The doctor did end up clipping her tongue when she was about a week old. I still had to use the shield though because she couldn’t latch on without it. The lactation nurse even made a home visit to try and help me with breastfeeding. 


I swear I was up every hour day and night feeding her. I felt like she wasn’t getting enough milk and as a young and inexperienced mom, I was nervous and scared. My mom asked me why I didn’t try her with a bottle and formula and see how she does. I tried her with formula and a bottle and the difference was night and day. Not only did Olivia sleep longer, but she also seemed more content. I threw out the nipple shield and switched completely to bottles and formula. 


The bottles I settled on using were Playtex Drop-ins. I liked that the liners were pre-sterilized so there was less clean-up for me.  Olivia seemed to like these bottles the best and when I tried other kinds, I found they gave her more gas. She never had issues with gas with the Playtex Drop-Ins. 

It was nice to learn that you can still buy the Drop-In liners today. Playtex has recently introduced the newly angled Playtex Nurser with Drop-In Liners. They use the pre-sterilized disposable liners that gently collapse to keep air from mixing in with the baby’s milk. They can also be used with any of the new Playtex nipples (more on that in a bit!). 

 My Experience Breast and Bottlefeeding Bridget

Let’s fast forward to 2004. I was older and a bit wiser with a 6 year old daughter. Bridget was born as a healthy 9lb 5oz baby girl. Again, I wanted to try breastfeeding and hoped my experience would be better this time around. 

I started breastfeeding Bridget within an hour after she was born. It seemed to go well! She wasn’t tongue tied and didn’t have an issue latching on. The nurse came in to give me a few pointers and I started feeling more confidence. I thought to myself that I can really do this and be successful!


Unfortunately I had a minor setback. I started bleeding very heavily when I was home from the hospital. I ended up having to have surgery to remove the placenta that was left in my uterus. Since I was under general anaesthetic, I was told that this can pass into my breastmilk. After surgery, I pumped my milk and had to throw it out. I wanted to keep breastfeeding though and didn’t want my milk to dry up. Bridget had to have a bottle with formula for the 8 hours or so afterwards. Thankfully, she went back to the breast just fine. She was my little trooper!

I breastfed Bridget exclusively for the first four months. I decided to try her on a bottle of formula before bedtime to see if that would help her sleep longer at night. My friend recommended I try Playtex VentAire bottles. They are the bottles that you can remove the bottom for easy cleaning. The vent at the bottom also helps reduce air ingestion and I liked the angled design. 


Bridget had her nightly bottle and I continued to breastfeed until she was 8 months old. Then I switched her to formula and bottles completely. Playtex VentAire bottles can also be used with any of the new Playtex nipples. Back then there was only the one nipple to choose from so it’s nice for parents now to have some choice and decide which one is best suited for their baby.

Playtex Bottles and New Nipples Innovations

As I mentioned, I used only Playtex bottles with both my girls. If I was having anymore kids, I know that I would choose their bottles first as they are a brand I know, trust and have had success in the past with.  Playtex Nurser with Drop-Ins Liners has an SRP of $5.99 while Playtex VentAire has an SRP of $7.99. Both types are available at all major retailers across Canada.

nipple variety pack

Playtex has also introduced the new Playtex Nipple Variety Pack. It features two different nipple-flow speeds (slow and medium), and the four distinct nipple shapes (Breastlike, Naturalatch, Fullsized and Angled).  With this variety pack you can experiment and find the right bottle-nipple combination for your baby. The nipples will work with both the VentAire Bottles and Nurser with Drop-Ins Liners Bottles

Here’s a bit more information about each of the nipples:

  • Breastlike Shape: Features a sloped area around the nipple that mimics the shape of the breast. 
  • Fullsized: Developed for a wider mouths and mimics large size nipples.
  • Naturalatch: Designed to be most like mother’s breast and features a raised, textured area that is like the breast and is designed to promote latch-on. 
  • Angled: Created to promote upright feeding which can help in reducing ear infections.

I guess there’s one thing I learned about feeding my baby after having my two girls and that is that every baby and situation is different. What works for one may not work for another. Be flexible and follow your baby’s lead. The Playtex Nipple Variety Pack is great because you can try out a few different options until you find the one that is right for you and your baby.

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Did you breast or bottle feed your baby? I’d love to hear about your experience. 

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