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TruMoo Chocolate Marshmallow Milk

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

My two boys have definitely inherited my sweet tooth. While I try to limit the amount of sweets in the house, I believe in allowing for treats every now and then. We all received a treat recently when we were given the chance to review the latest flavor from TruMoo – a Limited Edition Chocolate Marshmallow milk.

TruMoo Chocolate Marshmallow Milk

Before this review I hadn’t tried the TruMoo brand of milk, and I was excited to give them a try based on all the good things I’ve read about their chocolate milk products. On top of that list of good things is the fact that they don’t use high fructose corn syrup or artificial growth hormones in their milk products. I also like that it’s packed with calcium and vitamins A and D. Being a fan of hot chocolate myself, I was just as excited as my boys to try this new TruMoo flavor. We decided to sit down one afternoon with one of our favorite movies and a cookie snack to enjoy along with the milk. Both of my boys loved the flavor of this milk and I have to say that I was also really impressed with the flavor and texture. It truly tastes like a cold version of hot chocolate with marshmallows. It was the perfect cold drink to go along with our chocolate chip cookies. What’s neat about this flavor is that it also gives you an easy way to make a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day – all I had to do was put it on my coffee cup and put it in the microwave. No need to boil water or bother with mixes when you have this in the fridge! Most importantly, you can feel good about enjoying this treat with your family – this is a real milk product with nutritional benefits, not just some “chocolate flavored drink”.

TruMoo Chocolate Marshmallow Milk

The Limited Edition Chocolate Marshmallow milk is only available in your local grocery’s dairy case through the month of February 2014, with an MSRP of $2.99 for a half gallon. If you’re a chocolate milk fan, make sure you pick up this flavor for a real treat!

You can learn more about TruMoo on their website. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and their blog.


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