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Meet the Chicken Farmers of Canada #ChickenDotCA

Disclosure: I am participating in the Chicken Farmers of Canada campaign managed by SJ Consulting. I received compensation in exchange for my participation in this campaign. Opinions on this blog are my own.

Last month I shared my very first post as a Brand Ambassador for the Chicken Farmers of Canada. It included a recipe for Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken and mentioned some of the health benefits of including chicken in your diet. This month’s topic is all about getting to know the Chicken Farmers of Canada and some key information about how the farms are operated. 

I’ve developed a new appreciation for chicken farmers. I have to admit in the past I really didn’t think too much about where the chicken came from before I buy it at the grocery store. Of course, I knew it came from a farm, but I didn’t know much of the back story of how the chicken goes from the farm to my dinner table. 

Meet the Chicken Farmers of Canada #ChickenDotCA

Chicken Farmers of Canada recently launched a new site,, where you can learn more about who the chicken farmers are, what they do and how they do what they do best. There’s also a section called Meet the Farmers that showcases individual chicken farmers across Canada. Since I’m in Nova Scotia, I first checked out a local farmer, Rick Wittenberg, located in Centreville in the Annapolis Valley. It’s about an hour drive from where I currently live.

If time is on your side, I encourage you to visit Chicken Farmers and read up on the wealth of information provided. I had a chance to check it out and discovered chicken farming is actually a fascinating subject! If you only have a few minutes to read, I’ve gleaned some of the key points about the Chicken Farmers of Canada and what you need to know to understand the farmers themselves and the farms they operate.

Meet the Chicken Farmers of Canada #ChickenDotCA

10 Important Facts about Chicken Farmers of Canada

1. There are 2,700 chicken farmers in Canada that focus on raising safe, fresh, high-quality chicken on innovative farms across our great nation.

2. Chicken farmers and their families are committed to leaving the smallest possible imprint on the environment by committing to sustainable and good production practices. 

3. Chicken farms are an integral part of our economy by providing jobs both directly on the farm and indirectly for people in the processing and retailing. You can learn more about their contribution in this short video.

4. Consumers can count on quality at a reasonable price and get good value for their money.

5. The quality and welfare of the chickens are a top priority. Chickens are given great food, clean water and are free to roam around the barns. Learn more about the journey of the chickens from farm to table

6. Chickens are fed properly with the main ingredient (over 88%) in their feed being grains and grain-by-products, protein producing seeds and meal made from canola or soybeans. 10% is other protein soures like meat and bone meal/vegetable fats to improve taste, texture and nutritional content of the feed. 1.5% is mineral and vitamin supplements added to prevent nutritional deficiencies. Learn more about what chickens eat.

7. The Animal Care Program monitors and enforces the high animal care standards on Canadian chicken farms.

8. The government-recognized, on-farm safety program that is mandatory for all farms emphasizes animal health, cleanliness and safety through each step of the production cycle.

9. No chickens are ever given any hormones or steroids in Canada. In fact, it has been illegal since the 1960s!

10. Antibiotic use is proactively managed ensuring a safe food supply for consumers and to prevent any potential food safety issue. They are used to help maintain healthy birds or to treat ones that are sick. The chicken you buy in the grocery store or eat at a restaurant does not contain any antibiotic residues thanks to government-verified withdrawal ties and random testing. Check out their site to learn more about antibiotics.

To learn more about any of these 10 facts about chicken farmers in Canada, please visit As always, you can find lots of chicken recipes and other helpful tips on

Which of these 10 facts did you find most interesting?

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