4 Easy Ways to Show Your Cat Love

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I didn’t become a cat person until my late 20s. I grew up owning only dogs because my mom was allergic to cats. My ex-husband was a huge cat lover and grew up with lots of cats and naturally wanted us to get a cat. He said cats were much easier to take care of compared to dogs. I agreed and we went to the SPCA and adopted an adorable black kitten named Pixie. I loved Pixie from the minute I held her. She is such a sweet girl. 

Fast forward to today and I now have two beautiful cats, Princess and Misty. Pixie is still alive and well and living with my ex-husband. We adopted Princess and Misty as kittens in 2010. They were litter-mates, but look nothing alike. My cats are part of the family. Princess loves to play and tries to drink my coffee. My friend, Kristen calls it her “mewoffee”. Misty loves to cuddle up on the couch and enjoys licking John’s arm. She won’t lick anyone else though. 

4 Easy Ways to Show Your Cat Love

Valentine’s day is coming up in a few days and I want to remind my cat owner friends to not forget about your cat! There’s very simple ways you can show your cat some love this Valentine’s day.

1. Show your cat some attention. Even if it’s just for five minutes! Both my cats love having their tummy rubbed. They’ll lie on their back and wait for me to pet them. I can’t do it as often as they want it or I’d get nothing done, but I can easily find five minutes to show them some affection.

4 Easy Ways to Show Your Cat Love

2. Play with your cat. Boredom also strikes cats as it does with people. Buy a new cat toy or make something that your cat can play with. I find my cats go wild over a simple cardboard box. I don’t know what it is about cats and boxes, but both my cats love to play with them as well as finding them a comfy spot to sleep.

3. Give your cat a treat. My cats come running when they hear the treat drawer open. Princess can be in a dead sleep upstairs in the bedroom and as soon as she hears the squeak of the drawer, she comes running, I hear a drop upstairs and pitter patter of her paws down the stairs. Misty will gently take the treat from my hand with her mouth. Princess, on the other hand, will swipe my hand with her paw to try and get the treat.  

4 Easy Ways to Show Your Cat Love

4. Clean litter makes a happy cat. A cat’s litter box plays an important role in their happiness. Cats like to keep themselves clean so it make sense that they want their area to be clean as well. Arm & Hammer recommends having at least one litter box per cat and keep it easily accessible to your cat. I have two litter boxes for our two cats and I know they share the boxes. In fact, the cats keep one box for #1 and another for #2. Go figure! Princess is obsessed with the litter box. She’ll watch me as I clean it and as soon as I’m done (sometimes even before), she’ll jump in and do her business. 

4 Easy Ways to Show Your Cat Love

Clean the litter box often and use an odour neutralizing product like Arm & Hammer Clump and Seal Complete Odour Sealing Clumping Litter. It seals and then destroys odours for a 7-day odour free home and it’s guaranteed. You need to remove the solid clumps and waste daily to keep it fresh.

What are some of the ways you show your cat love? 

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