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I’m a firm believer that half the battle in losing weight is mental. In 2012, I finally committed to shedding the extra pounds I put on after my divorce. I decided one day that I was tired of being overweight and motivated myself to get on the right track. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. I lost a little over 60 lbs since I started.

A recent survey conducted on behalf of Kellogg’s Special K indicates that 97% of Canadians agree that  positive attitude can help them achieve their goals. I also believe this to be true. If you slip up, it’s okay. You’re human and it happens. Just tell yourself you are going to keep going and don’t beat yourself up over it.

The survey also showed that 66% of Canadian woman admit to “Fat Talk’- a contagious negative dialogue about their own or another’s body. Yep, been there too! I’m way more critical with myself than I am with other people. I always have to remind myself to acknowledge that mistakes happen and that I’m doing the best I can to achieve my goals.

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How many of you have a new year’s resolution to lose weight and/or get healthy?  It’s easier to do with a positive attitude and that’s one of the things I’m focusing on this year too!

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