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Playtex Toddler Mealtime Set Review #MomTrust

 I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

Like most toddlers, Keira wants to do everything herself.  Her need for independence only increases when it comes to mealtime, to the point where she will cover her face and laugh if you try to feed her.  Of course this is very messy business, especially when she ends up chasing her plate around the table in her best attempt to eat one pea at a time.    The Playtex Toddler Mealtime Set has been a great way to allow invaluable to our family as it allows Keira to be independent but also ensures I am not spending ages cleaning up the after math of dinner. 

The Playtex Toddler Mealtime Set includes a plate, bowl, fork, spoon and a Twist ‘n Click Insulated Cup.  The set also comes in either pink or blue with fun designs that will be sure to engage your child during mealtime.

Playtex Toddler Mealtime Set Review #MomTrust

The Plate and Bowl both feature steep rounded sides which is really helpful as scooping up smaller food is still a bit of a challenge as we are still very much in the learning stage when it comes to using utensils.  They are also both the perfect size for her meals at this point.  Her old baby food plates and bowls are definitely not big enough for the size of meal she generally eats.   My favourite feature though is the non-slip bottom which helps to prevent her from having to chase the plate around her highchair table.  Plus, should she decide to play Frisbee they are also break and shatter proof.

The Fork and spoon are also easy for her to grip and use but still just as sturdy as our adult utensils.  Unlike adult utensils though, the tines on the fork are rounded so while she can spear her food easily, I do not need to worry about her hurting herself.

The Twist ‘n Click Insulated Cup feature a tapered spout and is so easy to use.  Once you fill the cup for your toddler, just twist the lid until you hear the lid click closed.  Once you do you can feel confident that the cup is 100% leak-proof!The Playtex Toddler Mealtime Set retails for $15.99 and can be purchased at various retailers, including Babies ‘R Us.

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