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A Place of Peace*I received a copy of this book for review, but was not compensated financially in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based solely on my experiences while reading this book.*

Title: A Place of Peace (Kauffman Amish Bakery)

Author: Amy Clipston

My Review: 

Four years ago, Miriam Lapp walked away from her Amish lifestyle and family in Lancaster, Pennsylvania over a horrible misunderstanding. When Hannah, her older sister, calls her to inform her that their mother has passed away, Miriam decides it is finally time to return home and face her past.

While Hannah and her Aunt Edna readily welcome her home, Miriam has trouble trying to reconcile with her father, brother, and sister Lilly. Seeing the man who broke her heart and was one of the reasons she left to begin with is even harder than Miriam could have anticipated—especially since Timothy has moved on and is courting another young woman.

Being back in Lancaster feels like coming home, but Miriam is unsure of whether or not to finally make the commitment to the Amish church. It will all be worth it to her if she can have her family back, but will she be able to handle seeing Timothy happy in the arms of another?

Amy Clipston’s A Place of Peace is the third book in the Kauffman Amish Bakery series. Although I had not read the two previous books in the series, I did not feel lost or that I had missed anything by jumping in so late. I enjoyed reading A Place of Peace so much that I will definitely be reading the first two books and then catching up with any later books in the series.

I tread cautiously when reading Christian fiction. Some Christian fiction that I read in the past came off as either too preachy or too judgemental of individuals outside of the Christian faith. I’ve read other books set in an Amish setting that have been my favorite of any Christian fiction I’ve read and I had been wanting to read more in that same vein when I came across this author and series.

Certainly faith in God is important to the characters in this particular book, but the main focus is family, forgiveness, and second chances. Family is so important to the Amish, so much so that if someone leaves the Amish faith, they also have to leave their family behind and are shunned as a result. This aspect to their culture is mystifying to me, but there are there other appealing things about their community. It’s not a lifestyle I could lead by any means, but I have always been interested in them and their beliefs and have found many things about them to admire. The Amish in this story consider God’s purpose in every action they take and every word that they say. As a result, they seem to recognize and acknowledge their mistakes and are genuine in their apologies. One of the most moving moments in A Place of Peace was Miriam’s father asking her for forgiveness.

I knew how A Place of Peace was going to end, and even so I wanted to keep going on Miriam’s journey with her. I can’t begin to understand the heartache she was feeling for Timothy; once an Amish person becomes engaged to another, the wedding is practically set in stone because they believe in the commitments they make to one another. Everything wrapped up just as it should have, though I felt that there was one loose end in a subplot involving Miriam’s niece’s liver transplant. Hopefully it is concluded in the fourth book in the series.


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