Book Review | Step-by-Step Cake Decorating


  1. I’ve thought of taking a course in cake decorating. Like you, I can make delicious sweets, but making them look like masterpieces is a skill I’m lacking. This book is what I need.

  2. I envy people who are naturally born creative, but maybe with a book like this I might not mess up my next endeavor!

  3. I use to make fun and pretty cakes all the time. I was lucky to have a Mother who I watched for years and learned from. I wish my hands were good enough to still do them. This book sounds perfect for a beginner. I like that it teaches the tools needed to decorate them with. That is the fundamentals of learning to decorate cakes and most books do not explain that enough.

  4. This looks like a lovely cake cookbook.

  5. I took a beginner cake decorating class a few years ago but have forgotten most of my skills. This looks like a good refresher book to have on hand

  6. Love how they break it down. I am always fascinated and amazed by these cakes. My idea of decorating it to slop on plenty of frosting and maybe stick in some cute pieces I bought at the store. If it looks interesting, just add more frosting. 🙂 I like that this gives step by step instructions and explains the tools needed. Knowing the terms and what tools to use and understanding why would be a big help.

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