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I’ve mentioned our renovations before and it’s been something ongoing for the past 4 years. We’ve been working really hard at finishing all the rooms and I’m happy to report another room is now done! Our master bedroom was finished earlier this year and now the office is complete. 

The old look was so dark and outdated. We had dingy looking curtains that came with the house and dark wood panelling on the walls. The floor was ripped apart by the dog and John always stored his tools in there. It was not a nice place to get any work done at all. Not really much of an office…..though the cats liked it!

Office1 (1)

I had to fight with John to throw out the curtains. He said there wasn’t anything wrong with them. I said they are hideous and they had to go. Thankfully I was able to convince him we did not need the curtains. 

stacie office1

We painted over the wood panelling to brighten the room and gave the existing blinds a good cleaning. I also purchased a new desk with some Amazon gift codes I had and we brought the old, broken desk to the dump.  

stacie office2

We picked up some vinyl flooring at Happy Harry’s in New Minas since the old floor was ruined. 

stacie office3

The only thing I need is a decent office chair, but this one will do for now. 

stacie office4

I also recently received a new desktop from HP Canada: an HP Envy Recline 23. It arrived a few days ago that I’ve been having fun playing around with. Watch for more posts on it in the coming weeks!

stacie office6

It’s so nice to have the office finally finished so I can get at least some of the house organized again. I feel like I’ve been living in chaos for the last little while. Renovations are stressful!

stacie office5

I’ll be sharing the other rooms as we get them finished. Wish us luck!

Stacie Vaughan

Stacie is the mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys cooking/baking, photography, reading, DIY and is fueled by lots of coffee!

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