Gift Idea for the Hard to Buy for People

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I always have trouble deciding what gifts to buy my 15 year old daughter, Olivia. She’s very particular about the clothes she wears and what I think is cute, she doesn’t. I guess I’m not keeping up with the latest styles or maybe I’m just getting old. I bought her books last year only to discover that they were ones she’d already read. I do buy her small things that I know she’ll need like toiletries, but they aren’t necessarily the “fun” gifts she wants to open.

Last year I said to heck with it and bought her a $400 Visa gift card so she could buy whatever she wanted with it. She was beyond delighted! She was able to use it both in stores and online and bought clothes and concert tickets to see Katy Perry. This year, I’m going to be sticking with gift cards and let her pick out whatever she wants to buy.

olivia glasses1

There’s one more person on my list that is very difficult to buy a gift for…my fiance, John. He won’t tell me what he wants and the last time I did go out on my own to buy him a gift he opened it with a puzzled look on his face. I bought him a George Foreman Grill and he says, “I don’t cook though….”. Major fail on my part. I ended up using his present more than him. This year I’m not even going to bother asking him for a list and I’ll just buy him a gift card to his favourite hardware store. He’s there every week anyways and I’ll know he’ll use it!


Special Limited Time Offer

Today I wanted to share with you a special promotion: Buy a $50 iTunes gift card and receive 50 bonus Air Miles! This offer is good until December 12th except where specified below.

Here’s where you can take advantage of this special promotion:

  • Metro Ontario – ONTARIO only
  • KATZ (Rexall & PharmaPlus) Ontario – ONTARIO only
  • Safeway – Alberta, British Columbia , Manitoba, Saskatchewan.
  • Lawtons – Newfoundland, New Brunswick,  Nova Scotia, PEI
  • Sobeys Atlantic – Newfoundland, New Brunswick,  Nova Scotia, PEI (until December 11th)

I need to pick one up as a gift for Olivia to use on her iPad. Do you have someone on your list that is hard to buy for?  Consider taking advantage of this special promotion and save yourself some stress for those hard to buy for people!


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