Chicken Soup for the Soul Miraculous Messages from Heaven Review

*I received a copy of this book for review, but was not compensated financially in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based solely on my experiences while reading this book.*

Years ago for Christmas, I was given a copy of the book Chicken Soup for the Soul® as a gift and I have treasured reading this wonderful book series ever since. Therefore, I was very excited to read one of the newest releases, Chicken Soup for the Soul® Miraculous Messages from Heaven. Written by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Amy Newmark this inspirational title seeks to show us that we can still keep a connection with our departed loved ones even after they have left this world.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Miraculous Messages from Heaven Review

Chicken Soup for the Soul® Miraculous Messages from Heaven features 101 real-life stories of miracles from Heaven including, “amazing connections, sign from beyond, angels and answered prayers.” I am a woman of deep faith and feel strongly that life here on Earth is just one stop on our ultimate journey. Is it possible that those who have passed on can send us messages from above, in dreams or in unique and heartwarming ways?

Having lost my Dad and my Aunt exactly three weeks apart in 2012, I was interested to read all of the stories compiled from this book. As a busy wife and mother, I appreciate that I can read as much or as little at a time because each short story can be read in just minutes. I like to read one story before bed and another in the morning over a cup of coffee while our kids are still sleeping. I appreciate the openness and candor that each contributor gives to us readers when sharing their personal stories and several stories touched me deeply. For example, I really enjoyed the story titled, “Turn the Page” by Laura D. Hollingshead which shared her wonderful connection with her departed dad who had passed away when she was just sixteen years old. I wept openly when reading “The Miraculous Meaning in a Name” about a young mother who died of metastatic breast cancer, the physician who cared for her and the miraculous experience guided from above in which they first met……simply beautiful!

Chicken Soup for the Soul® Miraculous Messages from Heaven would be a wonderful holiday gift idea for anyone who has suffered the death or a loved one. As someone who has recently experienced my own losses, I can personally say that this book has helped me to revisit my faith, giving me encouragement and inspiration and it even led me to acknowledge the grief that I am still experiencing.

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