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It’s a Gain Smellebration

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Before we have overnight guests, I always make sure the sheets and blankets are freshly washed. There’s nothing worse than going to someone’s house to stay over and having an old, stinky blanket to sleep with. Yes, that has happened to me before and it was not the most pleasant. I usually go a little nuts when we are having company and that includes a major cleaning and laundry overhaul. I’m not sure what’s happening this year with Christmas since it will depend on how far along we are with our renovation, but I’m prepared with my arsenal of Gain laundry products!

It's a Gain Smellebration

Gain has some exciting news for the new year! From December 2 to 31, see what the smellebration is all about 🙂 I can’t wait to try Gain Flings. They’ll have the great scent of Gain as well as Oxi Boost Cleaning and Febreze Odor Removal all in one single fling.

What’s your favourite Gain product? I love the Gain Original with Clean Boost laundry detergent because it keeps our clothes and linens smelling so clean and fresh.

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